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Working Life in Middle-earth

Let's talk about the daily grind and the challenge associated with it. Here it is: working life in Arda How was your day? Did you enjoy mucking out the stables of the Mearas? Or was serving Lord Denethor the pleasure it always is? Yours JunoHardAtWorkToKeepTheNuzgûlAtBay



Re: Working Life in Middle-earth

Hi all of you hard working writers! I have submitted a story for this challenge, but I am not yet really happy with it. Is it allowed to ask for your opinions about this story here? In case it is: please tell me what you think of The Voices of Stone Yours Juno



Re: Working Life in Middle-earth

Where is or what happened to this challenge? I don't see it in open challenges. ~Lady Aranel~



Re: Working Life in Middle-earth

It is in open challenges as number 17. RiverOtter



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