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Mother's Day

Enter the Mother's Day challenge today! Discuss all stories for this challenge here! Always, Allie



That Short, Potential Stir

Here's a quite lovely and unusual story by Fionnabhair Nic Aillil, the first entry in the Mother's Day Challenge: That Short, Potential Stir. The unexpected intimacy and honesty is very touching, I think - these are not the Eowyn and Arwen we think we know! And the detailwork of the story, like Arvwen's embroidery, is intricate and fascinating. A lovely, mellow, snowy-day kind of story . Ann



Re: That Short, Potential Stir

Wow... Thanks for alerting us to this one, Ann! This is a beautiful story. I loved Eowyn's descriptions of winter in Meduseld. And Arwen's knowledge that every moment was precious at the end was lovely. And, as it happened, it just snowed! So I had the perfect atmosphere to read this one! Always, Allie



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