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Glorfindel's Fate

New challenge is up! Discuss any and all stories for this challenge here! Glorfindel's Fate This is a simple one. What happened to Glorfindel after the War of the Ring? You choose. Did he leave with Elrond? Did he choose to stay around with Elrond's sons? Perhaps Glorfindel was rather fond of Arda, and didn't want to leave? He could even have stayed on with Celeborn. Whatever your spin on this, there's ideas a-plenty and much material to play with. Courtesy of Noldo. Challenge closes July 9, 2005. Allie



Re: Glorfindel's Fate

I'm entering a story I already wrote. Even though it mostly deals with Elrond, there's a mention of Glorfindel on the ship to Aman with him. I always felt that when Elrond left Middle-earth, Glorfindel went with him. I don't think he was sent back from Mandos (yes, I'm a one-Glorfindel person) to guard Earendil's children on into the ages; I think he was sent to help and strengthen Elrond himself till Sauron could be defeated. Therefore, when the Ring had been destroyed and the three Elven rings had lost their power, Glorfindel could accompany Elrond back to Valinor. Who knows--once they reached Valinor, Glorfindel may have married and had a family of his own. Judy (LOTR lover)



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