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The Art Challenge

Get in touch with your artsy side in the new Art Challenge!

Please feel free to discuss your ideas and the resulting stories here.



Re: The Art Challenge

Just a note -- the links to the art galleries take me to yahoo mail, rather than to a gallery. Is there something wrong with the links, maybe?

I signed up for a place holder and I'm off to find me a painting



Re: The Art Challenge

It seems that Challenge management copied and pasted from Yahoo Mail... which does not get pleasant results...

I went back to my original post in prospective Challenges. The following links should work.

There are many excellent resources for art online that display high resolution scans of old paintings and even allow to download them.

For example:

 I hope that helps!




Re: The Art Challenge

Thanks for pointing out the link problem, Lineawen! And thank you Juno for providing the correct ones. I edited the Challenge and they should work now. I'm so sorry about that!  

*walks off muttering about stupid links*  




Re: The Art Challenge

Maybe if I go ahead and make a placeholder in this Challenge, my muse will wake up... Or maybe not. It's worth a shot.  

I went to the first picture site. Quite impressive! I clicked a random artist and found myself staring into the eyes of a very life-like girl. And she stared back at me...




Re: The Art Challenge

Hey, everybody!

The Art Challenge is due to close on September 9, just a month away!

Just a hint to get your muse off her butt......

Gandalfs apprentice, Challenges Assistant



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