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Here is the the discussion for the challenge Mortality. Have fun.




Re: Mortality--"Spinning"

I entered my triple drabble, "Spinning," in this challenge. It's about Arwen in Lothlorien awaiting the coming of Aragorn, and how her sense of time is undergoing a change.

There's a much longer story that I hope to finish in time for this challenge, but meanwhile, this short piece belongs here too!

Gandalfs apprentice 



Re: Mortality--

Does the story to be entered in this challenge have to be specifically about Arwen or Elros? Or can it be about any elf who experiences mortality?



Re: Mortality--

Or can it be about any elf who experiences mortality?

Yes, it can be any.




Re: Mortality--

I'm very excited. The muses are beginning to whisper ideas into my ears . . .



Re: Mortality

Well, I'd like to enter one of my Fairy Tales in this challenge, but it appears I can only enter a whole story, not an individual chapter.  What do y'all think, shall I enter the Fairy Tales, even though only one chapter applies?




Re: Mortality

Make a standalone copy of your one chapter (leaving the original intact) and enter that. That's what I do with drabbles or short pieces that can go in a challenge.

Challenges are on a roll!




Re: Mortality

Ok I entered something but I'm not 100% sure it qualifies. Will someone smack me upside the head if it doesn't? Grin



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