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A Peredhil's Fate

Whoa, just noticed that this one had jumped the Hutch. Six adoptees=challenge status.

I've set this one to close six months from today, since that seems like a reasonable amount of time.




Re: A Peredhil's Fate

I'm most impressed. This idea actually jumped up last night (they tend to do that when I'm close to sleep) and I jotted down a line to remind myself this morning. I thought it might do well under 'Quickies'.

In the morning I prepared a template for the story and uploaded it to my trusty psion 5mx (a true writers' friend ). Then I downloaded my email and found this challenge.

Wrote the story over the day, posted it an hour or so ago.

Must say that thinking about the matter rather depressed me, but it was interesting to think about...



Re: A Peredhil's Fate

*blinks* Hey ... I remember when this baby was just an idea in the back of my head!

*pats Peredhil Nuzgul on the head* Well now, you're all grown up and on your own in the Challenges section ... hey, don't bite me! I set you up to defang you! Stop that! =D

Well, er, thanks to all who have already written for this challenge ... I look forward to reading more ...

*runs away before the Nuzgul can bite her, too*




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