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Anything but ordinary

Looking at this challenge I realise I already have a story that would fit, The Jewel in the Crown. Is it considered OK to enter old stories?



Re: Anything but ordinary

Yes, you may. Usually, I try to encourage new ones, but if you've got one you think will absolutely fit, go ahead and enter it.

Of course, it just means I'll demand *two* fics from you for some other challenge....



Re: Anything but ordinary

Yes, you may. Usually, I try to encourage new ones, but if you've got one you think will absolutely fit, go ahead and enter it.

Right - I think I will because this means that every story I have written in my life is now in a HASA challenge.

Aragorn does have a presence in it - if anyone thinks he is appearing too prominently for the purposes of the challenge please let me know and I'll happily remove it again.

Of course, it just means I'll demand *two* fics from you for some other challenge....

I am working on a second entry for the How do I love thee? Challenge.



Re: Anything but ordinary

I think I now have two bits of fiction for this challenge. Both of them 'Rohirrim meets Lothlorien elf'.

First one soon to be found in beta, probably under the name of 'Bewitched'.



Re: Anything but ordinary

I'm not placing a placeholder 'cause I already have one in the "How Do I Love Thee" challenge, but I've been bitten by a Nuzgul for this one I've got to get off my chest. Middle of the Third Age. Characters are OFC's: hobbit women whose husbands and sons were among the archers said to have gone off to the wars against Angmar and never returned.



Some nuzgul for the consideration of others

Because Acacia and I wouldn't want you to be bored, we've found some fangèd companions for you to consider for this challenge. Additions to the list of possibilities are encouraged.

1) The women of the Dúnedain of Arnor--Narie's done a lovely story
about one such woman already, but there's always room for more.

2) One of the common soldiers of the Cair Andros company, before that last, fateful (and fatal) defense of the Isle.

3) An orc responsible for mucking out the stable of the Nazgul's
mounts (horse or the other, winged incarnation, doesn't matter).

4) An orc responsible for keeping an eye on "Her Ladyship's" lair.

5) An evening with Nob in Bree.

6) An evening with Beregond in his company's mess hall.

7) The gate warden of Erebor who had to take the Nazgûl's messages to King Dáin.

8 ) One of the Beornings who's puzzled and worried by the rumors of "a ghost that drinks blood" and wondering what happened to his chickens (I believe the reference is in FOTR, "Shadow of the Past" where Gandalf recounts the hunt for Gollum).

9) Helm's Deep before the army rides in, as told from the POV of
Gamling's nameless grandson.

10) One of Grond's wielders prepares to go head to head with the gates of Minas Tirith.

11) One of the Teleri shipwrights climbs the mainmast for the first
time to survey his work. Or alternately, creates the mainmast.

12) One of the ropemakers of Lothlórien practices his (or her) craft
at the Lady's request and ponders the strange guests they're hosting.

13) One of the scribes of Khazad-dûm notes down the plans to open a new mineshaft, one that will delve deeper than ever before....

14) What's the poor postmaster of Hobbiton to do when Bilbo Baggins throws a party?

15) The up and down fortunes of the nomadic horse-herders of the
Eastfold in the year of the Ring War.

16) A boy from Lamedon watches aragorn and his spook army + rangers + dwarf + elves ride in from Erech.(Acacia)

17) I'm not sure if it fits but – The return towards Gondor of the
errand riders who carried the Red Arrow to Rohan and their subsequent killing. (Acacia)

18 ) The man from Gondor who while on an errand at the river found the second piece of Boromir's horn (from The Window on the West) (Acacia)

19) The thoughts of one of the hobbits languishing in the lockholes at
Michel Delving. (Alawa)

20) The thoughts of one of the freed galley slaves rowing to battle up the Anduin. (Alawa)



Re: Some nuzgul for the consideration of others

Why am I doing this to you guys? Right, to get rid of your boredom 3 more:

21) One of the Lossoth of Fornost watches Arvedui sail from Forochel

22) A little hobbit observes the visit of King Elessar to the Brandywine Bridge in FA1436

23) The thoughts of one of Earnur’s cavalrymen at the appearance of the Witch-king




Re: Some nuzgul for the consideration of others

I’ve just entered a story called ‘On The Flood’ for no. 18. Both Boromir and Faramir figure in it. If they seem to have more of a presence in it than warranted by the challenge, please let me know and I’ll pull it out.




Re: Anything but ordinary

Would it be possible to get some Silmarillion options into the Challenge? I have my eye on three of these, but for those Sil writers some goodies might be appreciated.

Anybody know anything about rope-making?

Can't believe I hadn't noticed this Challenge before. Sheesh!



Re: Anything but ordinary

As a general rule, Challenges are not book-specific. A few are (Downfall of Dol Guldur, for example), but very many are able to be applied to a number of characters and time periods. So in general, you needn't ask permission to include Silm-based stories in a Challenge.



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