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2010 March Treasure Hunt

The hunt is on!

A new set of treasures has been released tonight for your treasure hunting pleasure.

This month, the focus is on a building in Minas Tirith where almost anything can happen - a tale, a spectacle, an historic event, a deal cut, a romance blossom. For all of you Dúnedain fanciers, here is an opportunity to bring a number of your favorite (or detested) characters together.

What to combine with this? Quite a bit. There is another great city on a hill that someone might think of whilst enjoying the pleasures of Minas Tirith. Perhaps a traveler ponders a wonder he has seen, or a horror long past. Perhaps a tale is told of a famous warrior and his great weapon, perhaps the future is considered in light of a tangled past.

If you are a logged in member, there are more treasures to combine with the main place. There are places of rath- that might come up in conversation, given recent events.  Perhaps an answer to a question could be found. Rohan comes to mind. And then, perhaps, there is time for remembering things back home.

Post in this thread when you enter and again when you add a story to read. If you know you want to write a story, but aren't sure if you can have it completed by the closing date of the challenge, just enter a placeholder. Questions? Post them here!

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PS - Be sure to check out the treasures for a glimpse of some new features in our Research Library. Elena Tiriel has been very busy!



Re: 2010 March Treasure Hunt

And done...

I wasn't intending to enter this Challenge, but when it matched the story I was working on so beautifully, how could I resist the Nuzgûl? (The Research Library is a dangerous place!) So, between Merethrond, the Stone of Erech and simbelmynë, here is Dark is the path, in which Halbarad talks about foresight with Galadriel.



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