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2010 May Treasure Hunt

The hunt is on!

A new set of treasures has been released this morning for your treasure hunting pleasure.

This month the focus is on an ancient Dwarven home where unspeakable terror lurks. Dwarves, Men, Elves, Hobbits and far, far darker things have been here. What tales can be told of this place? We know some names of those who have walked through the halls and tunnels. From its days of glory to stories of its reclamation, there is something for every writer.

What other treasures can you mix into your tale? There is the last, frantic account of a battle within it, and that treasure has treasures of its own. How many people across the ages have walked in both that location and this one, perhaps before both became haunted? If you were sitting at this inn, listening to fantastical stories of the not-so-adventurous locals, what might you be thinking? Which leads to reflections on the difficulty of getting messages delivered over long distances, of course. There are people who walk long distances under the eaves of the Shadow; who among them have ventured into darker places?

More treasures await members who log in.  How would the ancient Dwarf-hold compare to the caverns of the First Age? There are Elves who could tell you. (I know there has to be a Galadriel fancier who could write a spectacular story spanning three ages. Dare ya...) This writing was used for secrets - what secrets would you reveal? Not all darkness in located in deep places. Sometimes it is far up in the air. Finally, if you are going to tell a story, you probably need a little something to occupy your hands and let you think of what comes next.

Post in this thread when you enter and again when you add a story to read. If you know you want to write a story, but aren't sure if you can have it completed by the closing date of the challenge, just enter a placeholder. Questions? Post them here!

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PS - Be sure to check out the treasures for a glimpse of some updated entries in our Research Library. Elena Tiriel has some delights for you!



Re: 2010 May Treasure Hunt

Is it cheating to post a story I wrote a long time ago? If so, I apologise and shall write another...



Re: 2010 May Treasure Hunt

Is it cheating to post a story I wrote a long time ago? If so, I apologise and shall write another...

Nope, not a cheat. A story is a story, so post away.  Now, if you would like to write another story to go with it, please feel free. Wink




Re: 2010 May Treasure Hunt

Awesome. I'll see what the Muses will let me come up with!



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