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June 2010 Birthday Cards

Birthday folk: Is your birthday in June and you would be delighted by a little story gift from your fellow HASA members? Then state your request here in this thread. Create a birthday workshop story to collect your birthday cards in one place, and enter it into the June Challenge.

Authors: Let yourselves get inspired by the suggestions - a chance to be creative and to make a fellow HASA member happy at the same time! And don't forget to add your birthday cards to the birthday workshop story the recipient of your birthday card has - hopefully - created.

In case you need help or have a comment or suggestion, please post it here or e-mail me privately - I'll do my best to help.

June, 17th - Linaewen: I've been thinking about Boromir going through culture shock as he rubbed shoulders with other races on their home turf -- particularly Elves!  I'd like a story about how he coped -- or didn't cope!



Re: June 2010 Birthday Cards

I've not been very active at HASA of late, but I've been actively thinking about Boromir!  I've created a story and a prompt for my June 17th birthday, if anyone feels inspired to write something.  Grin

I've been thinking about Boromir going through culture shock as he rubbed shoulders with other races on their home turf -- particularly Elves!  I'd like a story about how he coped -- or didn't cope!





Re: June 2010 Birthday Cards

Sorry if this isn't what you wanted, Lin- I guess my Boromir is different from everyone else's...


I cannot sleep.

No, that is not right.

I could sleep quite easily- my eyelids are as heavy as boulders, and the moth-wings of sleep flutter at the edge of the sweetly scented torches of the Elves, whispering more lovely and lustful nothings in my ear than a whole host of whores.

No, it is not that I cannot sleep... is more that I dare not sleep.

I stand from my strange, soft bed and walk to the window.

Outside the moon is full and fat and golden, almost as if bruised by the treetops it so barely skirts.

It is not the moon that hangs over my beloved Minas Tirith, it cannot be, oh no.

This is no cold, proud warrior, defending me from nightmares- this is a golden, sullen dullard whose laxity will be my death.

Those eyes...

I turn from the window, shaking my head, clenching my fists.

I must not think of those eyes, beautiful and beguiling as they were, as they are, as they shall ever be, as...


She is a witch, I am sure of it- none but a witch might enthral me so, might clutch my heart in talons so tight.

I must not think of her eyes, for to think of her is to dream of her, and to dream of her should be to cast away my sword and shield and to bow before her in eternal worship.

I cry out in suddenly pain, brought back to myself by agony, my palms dripping crescents of blood.

I cannot sleep, I dare not sleep, I must not sleep.

And yet...

And yet...

And yet...



Re: June 2010 Birthday Cards

No need to be sorry -- this is beautifully written!!  An excellent tale of Boromir struggling with the shock that comes when one meets something unexpected of another culture, and not coping with it at all well!  I can certainly imagine he would be quite unprepared for such a meeting, and be shaken to the core because of it.

Thanks so much for sharing your Boromir with me for my birthday -- I like him!  Smile



Re: June 2010 Birthday Cards

Boromir's Last Stand - A Drabble (Happy B-day, Lin!)

based upon the painting by Ted Nasmith

They come in droves, but I have faced droves before….

But not alone….

Not with only two Halflings at my side….

Not even at my side, quivering behind me….

But not alone….

Faramir stands at my side….

But not today….

Would that he stood beside me, or covered my back, or chuckled at a witticism I have quipped to ease the tension of battle.

My skin prickles as I throw my head back, let my lips caress the Horn, fill my lungs

And wind it… as if all the powers of hell assail me.

Better that than my own guilt.



Re: June 2010 Birthday Cards

I fear my offering is a bit long to post here.  It's the latest chapter in my series entitled "In Empty Lands."  Here's the chapter dedicated to your birthday:

Most of this series is Boromir's point of view of his part in the quest, although not precisely every chapter.  I hope you enjoy it.



Re: June 2010 Birthday Cards

In thanks for Linaewen's continued friendship these past nine + years....

Ever Faithful - A fishing trip, gone horribly wrong, turns into another opportunity for the brothers' love and interdependence to grow.

(Sorry - no culture shock here.)



Re: June 2010 Birthday Cards


Thanks so much, this is a beautiful tale -- and of course, I needed many tissues after reading it.  Smile

Just to correct the link, you can read the story here:




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