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Nuzgûl of the Month May 2011

May's Nuzgûl will be Heroes and Demons:

Middle-earth is full of tales of great heroes battling terrible demons - dark lords, dragons, balrogs, spiders, etc. - though Tolkien rarely tells the story in depth. But these are the sorts of tales I can see surviving the ages, to be told again and again in the Hall of Fire, the campfires of the Rangers, Meduseld, etc. It would be neat to have a collection of I humbly suggest:

Tell the tale of an epic battle between one of Arda's heroes and their greatest foe (or one of them.) Fingolfin and Morgoth? Thror and Azog? Bard and Smaug? Sam and Shelob? Lots and lots of options. Could be told straight or as tales recounted, perhaps in the Hall of Fire.



Re: Nuzgûl of the Month May 2011

Nazgul of the Month - May 2011 - Heroes and Demons

The following is my response to this prompt.  I hope it entertains...

Title:  Laughter of the Valar

Author:  Erulisse (one L)

Characters/Pairing:  Tulkas/Various

Rating:  G

Warnings:  None

Book/Source:  The Silmarillion

Disclaimer:  Tolkien built the sandbox, I only play with the bucket and shovel that he left for me.  No money, profit or non, is made from the publication of this story. 

Laughter of the Valar

They called Tulkas the "Laughing Vala" because as he entered Arda from the Halls of Eru, he was laughing in joy, anticipating the upcoming battles with Melkor and the forces of the fallen Vala.

Their combat began while Arda was still being formed and before the Valar had taken on physical bodies. Tulkas laughed with the joy of the conflict throughout their battles in those early days. Finally Arda was completed and the Valar, moving to their new world, assumed bodily forms similar to those of the anticipated Children. Tulkas, gazing at their new aspects, laughed with joy at their beauty, and his brothers and sisters laughed with him.

* * * * *

Melkor was laughing at his own cleverness when he fled to the darkest parts of the north and began the great building of his stronghold, Utumno, and his smaller fortress of Angmar. His laughter was fell and poisonous and those creatures hearing it were stricken with fear. The northern lands were branded with his lash of terror and all creatures cleaving to good moved south, away from the desolate lands of his laughing evil.

Now free to continue his war, the vengeful laughter of Melkor leapt unrestrained from him as he caused the great Lamps to be destroyed. The central landmass of Arda was damaged beyond repair, and even the laughter of Tulkas was stilled by this setback. The Valar withdrew from the destruction behind the peaks of the Pelóri, both to escape Melkor while they rebuilt their own home, and to prepare the eastern lands for the arrival of the Firstborn.

Melkor's edged laughter called creatures of evil to him, and his stronghold and fortress became peopled by many creatures of the Dark. Only Oromë and Yavanna of the Valar braved the dark lands to fight the evil creeping across the wastelands and encourage what good there was to grow and prosper. To aid in their efforts, Varda scattered the stars above and the Valar, looking upon the wonder of her work, laughed together with joy.

* * * * *

On a chance, Oromë was traveling through the northeastern parts of Arda when he came across the awakened Firstborn. He was determined that these precious creatures would not be corrupted by the evil of the northern lands and their Lord; therefore he made haste to return to the West and ask counsel from his brothers and sisters. Then, returning to the east he chose three of the Children to accompany him to the West and be introduced to the Valar. Seeing the three emissaries bowing to them in the Máhanaxar, Tulkas laughed for the pure joy of the sight. Counsels were taken and a plan of action against Melkor was decided. The three ambassadors were returned and reunited with their siblings and the Valar once again prepared for war.

While the Children were guarded from harm, the Valar attacked Utumno. After many deeds of glory and furious waves of battle crashing against the iron gates, they finally hung askew from their hinges.

Tulkas led the forces of the Valar into the uttermost depths of Utumno in search of Melkor. Laughing with the excitement of the battle and the hunt, the Vala led the way down stairways, through vaulted rooms and twisted passageways, and, finally, to the lowest levels of the dungeons. There, cowering in a pit, Melkor was found. Tulkas laughed in triumph as he wrestled the Fallen Vala into submission, and continued laughing as he wrapped Angainor around Melkor's body, taking him back to the Máhanaxar for judgment.

After his doom was declared, Melkor was brought in chains to the Halls of Mandos. There, he was chained to a chair, immobile for the long three ages of his sentence. The last sound that Melkor heard as the door closed in front of him was the relieved laughter of the one who had vanquished him – Tulkas.

But who will truly have the last laugh? That remains to be determined, many long ages hence in the future.

A/N – The Silmarillion states that, "Greatest in strength and deeds of prowess is Tulkas…He came last to Arda, to aid the Valar in the first battles with Melkor…whereas Tulkas laughs ever, in sport or in war, and even in the face of Melkor he laughed in battles…Melkor fled before his wrath and his laughter…and his hate was given to Tulkas for ever after.  



Re: Nuzgûl of the Month May 2011

Epic indeed! And entertaining as well. Now I only need to shut off the soundtrack of laughter...



Re: Nuzgûl of the Month May 2011

Not a lot to offer for last month's challenge, merely a drabble (though it has within it the mark of a fairly serious nuzgûl bite)...

In the telling

Glorfindel was so intent on the performance that he nearly jumped out of his chair when Elrond put a hand on his shoulder and leant over to whisper in his ear, "Stop glowering at Lindir; it is hardly his fault that our guests wanted to hear the Fall of Gondolin."

"That is not it," he replied just as softly. "I do not mind the topic, merely that he is wrong on nearly everything."

He sighed at Elrond's disbelieving glance, then stood up, drawing the attention of all in the Hall of Fire.

"Let me tell you how it really was."



Re: Nuzgûl of the Month May 2011

Oh, I like this, Nath.  So often stories are embellished out of all recognition by the bards and storytellers after the fact.  Having Glorfindel in the audience would certainly be an opportunity to set the record straight. 

- Erulisse (one L)



Re: Nuzgûl of the Month May 2011

Hee!  I feel sorry for poor Lindir  here :>)



Re: Nuzgûl of the Month May 2011

Indeed, and I see some hasty revision of texts in his immediate future Laugh out loud

(although, given his Mortals/sheep comparison, I don't feel very sorry for him)



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