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Nuzgûl of the Month February 2012

The Nuzgûl of the Month February 2012, Lord of Men, Lord of Elves, can be found here.

For two characters coming from such radically different backgrounds, Faramir and Elrond actually have a lot in common:

* Elrond lost both of his parents when they sailed to Valinor, and his brother when Elros chose mortality. Faramir lost his mother at a young age, and his brother and father in the Ring War.

* Both are lore-masters.

* Both are acquainted with Mithrandir.

* Faramir leads a corps of rangers fighting orcs. Elrond's sons have been fighting with a corps of rangers against the orcs.

* Both had the wisdom to know the Ring must be destroyed.

So just what would they have talked about when they met after the Ring War? Elrond surely has some good advice for Faramir to help him move beyond the pain the War had caused him. What did Faramir have to offer Elrond (some sort of reconciliation with Pippin? wisdom concerning Arwen's choice?)



Re: Nuzgûl of the Month February 2012

No story, but just to add to the things they had in common - both wed "foreign" princesses, sisters of kings!  (Celebrian/Amroth + Eowyn/Eomer).  Would Faramir be too diplomatic to ask for advice on how to handle that?  What would Elrond tell him if he did?



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Ooh, excellent thoughts!

*prods muse with sharp stick*



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I hope this makes up for missing January's NotM?


So much to say, and now...

He turns to look at me, and in his eyes I see a million answers, lost to me and mine for all time.

So much to say, so much I could have learned...

He smiles, and the fading sunlight twinkles in his eyes.

"Not lost, Faramir son of Denethor."

My mouth falls open, astounded. How could he...

My eyes flicker to where his have strayed, and I see the Queen, seated in a bower, deep in conversation with my beloved.

"Nothing good is ever truly lost."

So much to say, and now...

I smile back, and wave, and he mounts his horse and is gone. 

It is not sunlight that twinkles in my eyes.




Re: Nuzgûl of the Month February 2012

That is a great moment...



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I tried my best- my landlord turning my kitchen, bathroom and dining room into a building site with very little advance warning (complete with banging, crashing, sawing, drilling and paint-smells, to name but five irritants) was not exactly conducive to good writing... Roll eyes



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No, that's not how the environment most conducive to writing Frown



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I had to pretty much drag this out of the characters, but here's my entry for the February Nuzgul...


The shadowy coolness of the Seventh's Circle's small library offered welcome relief from the summer heat outside, and Faramir was glad to slip in here for a little while. Much as he enjoyed the festivities and meeting all who had come here, watching the King's bliss with his bride made his longing to see Eowyn again only the stronger. Also, the presence of so many who had played a role in the Quest to destroy the One Ring made the loss of Boromir stand out even sharper.

A company such as was gathered in Minas Tirith these days would never again come here, Faramir knew. The thought was overwhelming, or would be, if he let it, but it would not do for the Steward of Gondor to gawp at the Elves like a country bumpkin.

He envied the King the ease with which he moved among such folk, and wondered how Boromir had fared upon first meeting names out of legend such as the lady Galadriel, or Glorfindel… or Elrond, he thought as the library's door opened and that personage entered.

As Faramir stood up to greet him, Elrond looked surprised, as if he had not noticed him. "Forgive my intrusion, my lord Steward. I was merely looking for something to read," the master of Imladris said with a polite incline of his head.

"Please, it is not an intrusion at all," Faramir replied equally politely. "Feel free to look around, though I fear you will find little of interest here. The more ancient books and those that are not of practical interest, are kept in the Archives."

"You are a lover of books?" Elrond asked.

"I am," Faramir responded, though he felt that Elrond had already discerned that, and everything else, about him with that keen glance of his. He felt at a loss for what to say beyond formalities, but suspected he would ever regret it if he did not use the opportunity.

They had talked briefly before, and Faramir had thought him courteous, but had also sensed a deep sadness in him, as well as a deep weariness that had been held long at bay. Neither was of course surprising, given what Faramir knew of his life's story. Even to congratulate him on his daughter's wedding would touch on wounds both old and new, and what Faramir wanted to ask him about Boromir should also wait until a better moment.

Yes, for now, they would speak of books.



Re: Nuzgûl of the Month February 2012

I'm glad you persevered with this, Nath- it's a wonderful little piece.



Re: Nuzgûl of the Month February 2012

Thank you I'm glad it was worth the effort then *g*

I'll post the new prompt tomorrow.



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