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Nuzgûl of the Month September 2012

The Nuzgûl of the Month September 2012, Don't Worry, Be Happy, can be found here.

Faramir. His mother died when he was a small child. His father clearly favored his older brother his entire life. His brother Boromir died on a mission spawned by Faramir's dream. His father went so far as to say he wished Faramir dead instead, and when Faramir couldn't even die properly in battle, his father tried to finish him off. And then there's little bit about his being attacked by the Witch-king and breathing more of the Black Breath than is healthy.

But you knew all that already.

Faramir experienced his share of trauma, true, but no one thinks about the bad things all the time. He had to have some happy things happen to him. Yet, so much of the Faramir-centric stories seem to ignore these happier times. As Liz said, "I do wonder if it's really necessary to include angst warnings on Faramir fics, since it's almost part of the definition of such a story."

So write Faramir a story, any length, any genre you want, any POV, any time in his life. Just make him happy. He's to feel no angst. None. Not even a smidgen. (What you do with the other characters is your own affair.)

Thanks to Liz for this wonderful story idea.



Re: Nuzgûl of the Month September 2012

My entry for this is "Brothers In Arms"- but I must warn you, it's a bit soppier than you may have come to expect from me...



Re: Nuzgûl of the Month September 2012

Soppy is hard to avoid with this month's theme.

Nice one, though Smile



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