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Finduilas Villanelle

Hello Fileg and welcome.

That was really poignant and beautiful! Subtle, intricate and evocative and absolutely perfectly in character for Denethor. I'm going to print it out so I can read it again because I think it is the sort of poem that will reveal more of itself on repeated readings.

I hope you are going to give us some more stuff!




Re: Finduilas Villanelle

I absolutely loved "Finduilas" So full of insight and so many subtleties and hints throughout! I think you did a good job by selecting the villanelle for this kind of poem. Repetition helps build some sort of framework in the reader's mind, and creates a beautiful rhythm. By your careful choice of words, I think you have managed to reveal so much from your own perception of Denethor in a way that enhances the character for us. Very good job!

One more thing... Since the title for this first poem is villanelle, would you give us also that terzanelle? And, perhaps something else? A sestina, maybe?



Re: Finduilas Villanelle

Thanks for your kind words. I did not expect to do any writing, and here it is, less than a week in and I was so swept away by the sharing of language and ideas that I have plunged in.

I did not really expect feedback, especially for obscure poetry. But you have encouraged me enough to add the terzanelle. I have never successfully completed a sestina, but I am now tempted to try.

I have always been so far to the left on Denethor - I personally consider him to be an abusive, power hungry maniac who doled out his approval without affection in a way guaranteed to injure both of his sons. But these days in March always sweep my mind into the events at Minas Tirith.

I have tried to put myself in a different place to write these poems. I am even coming to see different places he might have been, emotionally. I don't believe in these places - but not so long ago I would not even have been able to see them.


fileg / powzie




Thanks to you for writing such powerful poetry! Are you new to HASA? Welcome aboard, then. I have also been encouraged by the conversations, and just reading everybody's work sparks some more ideas... this is amazing, truly.

I have tried to put myself in a different place to write these poems.
Isn't that rewarding? You gain a whole new understanding of the person once you try to view things from their perspective. I loved the terzanelle. It is powerful, and moving, and insightful, and... it is just... well, it just is ("A poem should not mean, but be." Archibald McLeish) And it has "been" so much for me. The images are very strong and connotative, and it all goes perfectly with the theme. That was beautiful work! Keep going



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