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A Gentle Reminder

"We shall have need of all folk of courtesy."
First, thank you to everyone who has participated, making this forum such a success. While I haven't been able to reply to every post, I have read and enjoyed them. It's fascinating reading so many viewpoints and considering so many new ideas, and I'm sure my own writings will be richer for the exposure. I hope you feel the same way. As we all have our favourite characters, it can be easy to become dogmatic about how they are presented, whether it be in another author's fanfic or even just in a post made to a forum such as this one. However, the Dúnedain we know and love were often characterised by their willingness to listen to advice and take counsel with those they trust. Remember, even Aragorn needed to be reminded about the Paths of the Dead by Elrond through Elladan and Elrohir. How can we, then, expect to understand every facet of Middle-earth lore? Please keep in mind that others may have very different interpretations from yours. But an interpretation is only just that -- how we interpret the facts from canon. So feel free to offer your interpretation and defend it, but please also be willing to consider the viewpoints of others, and above all, please be courteous and respectful to those who espouse other viewpoints. Remember, you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Why anyone would want to catch flies is beyond me, but there you go. Finally, remember that in an online environment such as HASA we cannot see your facial expression or hear your tone of voice. It's rather hard to tell when someone is joking and when they are being serious. To avoid confusion, please read over your posts to see if they could be taken in an offensive way, and if so, try to word them to avoid any confusion. Similarly, if you're reading someone else's post and feel they are being less than courteous, see if it can be interpreted as not meant offensively. Let's give our fellow forum members the benefit of the doubt, and I'm sure we can avoid a lot of misunderstandings. Thanks again for making this forum what it is. And happy discussing (and writing). Cheers, Marta Edit: This post was not targeted at any specific individual. For clarification on this point, see here.



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