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Many ways lead to HASA...

Let's celebrate that there is a new way to HASA!
Let's celebrate HASA Live Journal!

And if you feel inspired to write a drabble for the occasion, why don't you pick up this pretty little nuzgûl and write 100 words to continue the following line:

"Many ways lead to Henneth Annûn…"

(Continue or use as title)

Post your drabbles as comments to this announcement at the HASA LiveJournal Community or right here and have lots of fun at HASA during the next week!

HASA admin team

P.S.: For more information about the many ways that lead to HASA, have a look at this week's announcement!



Re: Many ways lead to HASA...

I have written a series of six drabbles for the cue "Many ways lead to Henneth Annûn". Here they are. Enjoy!

"Many ways lead to Henneth Annûn…"

You may reach it travelling from Minas Tirith, eager to take up the fight. When you set out, you are strong: your gear is in good shape, your boots are sturdy, your spirits high. Nineteen miles to Osgiliath, then forty-five miles on the banks of the Anduin, walking between the rushing river and the whispering woods of Ithilien. When the fortress of Cair Andros sends its stony promise of safety across the rapids, you turn north-east.

Another eighteen miles and you reach the hidden bastion of battle against the Black Land.

You give your password.
You are ready to fight.


You may reach it after weeks spent in South Ithilien, once called Moon-land and now overrun by Orcs and slit-eyed Southrons, who care naught for borderlines or treaties of old. Your throat is parched from the heat and your eyes burn from squinting over the glare of sunlight reflected by the dark flow of the river Poros, where you have tried to watch over Gondor's southernmost border. Your boots are dusty. The leather is thin from ranging over two hundred miles from the Haudh-in-Gwanûr to the hidden refuge of Henneth Annûn.

You give your password.
And all you want is sleep.


You may reach it after a patrol of the beacon hills:
After you beheld the holy height of Halifirien and walked the green glade of Calenhad. After you climbed the pillar of Minrimmon and held vigil on Erelas. After you stacked up the wood on Nardol and braved the spire of Eilenach. And after you endured the watchful silence of Amon Dîn.

You approach the refuge and your heart is heavy. Only when the hour is dark and the need dire, the beacons will burn. That day is not far now.

You speak the password and wearily enter Henneth Annûn.


You may reach it in the depth of night, returning from a secret mission.

On such a mission, you may have seen the decaying shadows of ancient valour in the Dead Marshes. You may have hidden in the shade of the slag-mounds within sight of the Morannon. You may have wandered the Noman-lands trying to hide from your own shadow. You may have crept towards Ithilien grateful even for the sheltering gloom of the Ephel Duath.

When you arrive, you whisper the password and look around with furtive glances, until you collapse gratefully in the soothing shadows of the waterfall.


Many ways lead to Henneth Annûn.

The way from the West is the way from Minas Tirith, a safe road paved with confidence. The way from the South is long and hot, meandering mazily through the Moon-lands of South Ithilien. The way from the North-West is farther still, covering all the miles of the Great West Road between the Irensaga and the Anduin. Dark is the way reaching Henneth Annûn from the North-East, a way you will not speak of at night.

Yet all these ways lead to Henneth Annûn.
You give the password, enter, and you are at home.


Many ways lead to Henneth Annûn.

And many days you have spent travelling these ways, in shadows and light. But then comes the day without dawn, when all missions of reconnaissance and preparation are put to the test. Twelve miles, until the trail meets the Harad Road. Twelve miles, until you meet with the Host of the West. Seventy-eight miles of marching on the Harad Road in the deepening gloom of the Ephel Duath.

Then the gates of the Morannon open for you and you know that this time there will be no way back to Henneth Annûn for you.

~~~The End~~~



Re: Many ways lead to HASA...

Many ways lead to Henneth Annûn…

You can approach it from the North. Perhaps you were re-assigned from being on the border patrols with Rohan. You would pass the Falls of Rauros, never failing to be impressed by their power and the natural protection they offer against the wildmen from the North. You would cross the river at Cair Andros and travel in stealth, hoping to avoid roaming Orcs before reaching your post.

You know that the battle plains are just beyond the horizon, that danger lurks around every corner. And yet, none of it would stop you. Exhausted from your journey, you give your password.



Re: Many ways lead to HASA...

This is probably a lousy first post to make to a HASA forum, as quickly as it was written - but here's my offering!

Many ways lead to Henneth Annûn…  

For Faramir, the way was paved with duty and obligation. His heart may have yearned for another command, another way to serve Gondor, but his path led him to Ithilien. For Sam, the way wound through duty and loyalty and love; his heart was single in the knowledge of where he was needed. For Frodo himself, again there was duty, and dread. His course brought him enemies and terror - but it took him to the Window on the West and unexpected friendship. As for Gollum… his way was one of betrayal and malice, through the waters to Henneth Annûn.



Re: Many ways lead to HASA...

Many ways lead to Henneth Annûn...

“Hurry, this way!”

“STOP! WAIT! Ael, we’re cut off, there’s an ambush company coming that way.”

“Sadron, how did you—”

“They’re hooded by that stand of trees near the second pool.”

“All right. We—”

“Ael! Captain, there’s a little path other side o’ the falls. Leads to a cave.”



“Follow Rhavan!”

“Swim! They’ll be on us any second! SWIM, DAMN IT!”


“Bad footing, careful.”

“Thirty-two uruks, eighteen yards back!”

“Come on, everyone in!”

“Quiet, be quiet!”


Waiting in an anxious hush, hunted by Mordor, six exhausted Rangers first took refuge in Henneth Annûn.



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