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Summaries and Characters

" Will feature Gilda, Bilbo and Rory, with appearances by Belladonna, Donnamira and Mirabella Took, Laila Clayhanger, Bungo and Drogo Baggins, a variety of other Bagginses, Tooks, Brandybucks, and assorted relatives."

Hi Ang,

I just had to share this: Whenever I read a summary like the above, I get this mental image: Anglachel mounted on a quarter horse, cracking a big whip and driving herds and herds of hobbits past me. They move at a brisk trot, and raise a cloud of red dust. Your keen eye makes sure no one goes astray, and they have all a slightly worried look on their faces, because of what you might do to them in your story.




Re: Summaries and Characters

As well they should...

Knock on wood, I should have a full chapter to post soemtime late tonight or early tomorrow. I haven't counted how many of them appear in chapter one, but it is a lot.

Toodles - Ang



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