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Research Library linking

I was doing some story linking in the Research Library with different results.  Linking Fatty Bolger to my story "Orcs in Hobbiton" displaced all of the old character names under the Character List (the ones I had linked in the "old way," by selecting characters under the Main Character menu in the story Edit function).  Linking Grima Wormtongue displaced Fatty Bolger; linking Saruman displaced Grima Wormtongue.  If I go to View Stories linked to this Bio I see that my story does not show up for Fatty Bolger or Grima Wormtongue, though it still shows up for Saruman, presumably because he was the last Character linked and the only one currently showing on the story Overview as well. 

So it seems that you can only link to one Character Bio at a time.

The second thing probably isn't a bug.  l linked this story to an Event - Saruman arrives in the Shire.  The story shows up in Stories Linked to Resources - Stories linked to: Saruman arrives in the Shire, but the Event doesn't show up on the story Overview.  I've never linked to Events before, though, so probably linked Events have never shown up in story Overviews anyway.

Relevant links for this post are: (story) (Fatty Bolger) (Grima Wormtongue) (Saruman) (Saruman arrives in the Shire)



Re: Research Library linking


Excellent bug report. The system should allow multiple character bios, so I will investigate the problem. Please do not link any more characters through Resources until I get this fixed. I don't want your story character lists messed up.

As for the second observation, I am waiting for some critical mass of cross linked Library entries and stories to happen before creating the cross-link boxes for story overviews. Most authors don't know about the cross-linking yet, so it will take a little while to build up.




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