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FIXED - Review Story Submission Problem

A site member reported two related issues to Tech Support on April 20th:

  • When she tried to update her status to Reviewer, the system allowed her to click the update button, but did not record the updated status.
  • When she tried to submit a story for review, the submission appeared to work, but the story was never placed into the review queue.

She said the unusual thing was that she never received a warning or error message - everything looked like it was running normally. After confirming that her system was accepting cookies and had no odd browser settings, I examined the update code for those two actions.

The problem was quickly apparent. The code used in the review section to prevent malicious database attacks, like those experienced by HASA summer before last, had a security setting on it that was too high for even ordinary members to use. Only members who were already reviewers could change their reviewer status or submit a story for review.

This problem has now been fixed.

If you have attempted to submit a story for review to HASA since the new site launch in late December 2009 and have not been able to do so, please try again, particularly if you were not a reviewer at that time. Also, if you attempted to update your reviewer status in the Reviews section (the My Stuff section security code was not affected), please try to update again.

Also, on a more general note, if you try to add, edit or update something on the site and it seems to work but your changes don't take effect, please take the time to send in a comment. Problems that cause error messages are automatically sent to the Tech Support email box, but if something fails silently, without an error, I have no way to know it has occurred unless a site visitor tells me.




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