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Oliphaunts and Forums

I was looking through the Closed Challenges and saw two that I would like to add stories for, but there were no Oliphaunts for them.  So then I was looking in the Challenge forums for where best to ask for two new Oliphaunts, but there was no Oliphaunt forum.  So I have two questions:

1) Can I ask for Oliphaunts to be created for two closed challenges: Life and Times of the Orcs (ngid=285), and All OCs, All the Time (ngid=325)?

2) Can I or someone else create a Closed Challenges and Oliphaunts Forum under the Challenge Forums, where we can discuss Closed Challenges and Oliphaunts, or agitate for new Oliphaunts?



Re: Oliphaunts and Forums

There should be Oliphaunts for those two Challenges now, and feel free go right ahead and create an Oliphaunt Forum (or I could do it if you prefer).

Looking forward to reading your 'phaunts...



Re: Oliphaunts and Forums

W00t!  Thank you, that was really fast!  The stories I'm entering for now are stories that have already been living on this site for a while, but I will surely be writing more...and I really love the new Oliphaunt for "All OCs."  Thank you, Nath!

If you will make the Oliphaunt forum, I will go ahead and start some threads in it.  Not trying to be shy, just want it to be in keeping with the others.



Re: Oliphaunts and Forums

I wasn't quite as fast on the follow-up So embarassed!, but here's the Oliphaunt forum. It's all yours (for now; I hope others will jump in as well).



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