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Challenge Aruthir

As my ficcing-circuit is firing on all cylinders at the moment (blame Nath) I have a thirst to write and yet a dearth of inspiration...

...which hopefully you- the good folks of HASA- will be able to rectify. The challenge is simple enough- give me a character and a theme and I give you a drabble in return- but hopefully you'll enjoy it.

And who knows? Perhaps it'll inspire others to write!



Re: Challenge Aruthir

Here you go.

Character: Isengar Took

Theme: Sometimes, you just need a change of scenery




Re: Challenge Aruthir

Aruthir's Note: I hope this is satisfactory, Anglachel...


Isengar is only dimly aware as someone sits down next to him- only when they speak do his ears prick up.

 "Could I trouble you for a spark?"

 He has known the voice all his life- it is the Wizard, eyes all a-twinkle in the sunset

 "I fear I have mislaid my tinderbox. Could you…?"

 Within moments sparks kindle and Gandalf takes them. Hobbit watches Man with something akin to awe.

 The Wizard blows a satisfied smoke-ring.

 "I've often heard that a change is as good as a rest for a broken heart. Have you?"

 Isengar never regrets his answer...




Re: Challenge Aruthir


Very satisfactory, thank you! Cheers!

Hmm, let's see, how about another prompt.

Character: Otho Baggins

Theme: Love conquers all




Re: Challenge Aruthir

Aruthir's Note: Challenge accepted, Anglachel. Hope this satisifes...


As Lobelia rants and raves, Otho says nothing.

 He could- oh, there's many things he could say, on many topics, after all…

 …but he says nothing.

 He just lets her rant and rave- he's found it's best to, over the years.

 He lets the flood of rage wash over him, just as he always does… and always has.

 Arguing is no use- he found that out the morning after they were married.

 No, as Lobelia rants and raves about Cousin Bilbo's latest "outrage"- her words, not his, mind you- Otho says nothing.

 After all- love conquers all, does it not?




Re: Challenge Aruthir

Hi, Aruthir!  Good stuff  I've got one for you...

Character: Curufin

Theme: Fathers and Sons



Re: Challenge Aruthir

Heh. You caught something about Otho and Lobelia's relationship I had always wondered about.

Thank you!


PS - Since you seem quite adept with Hobbit drabbles, here's another prompt:

Character: Malva Headstrong

Theme: The more, the merrier.



Re: Challenge Aruthir

Aruthir's Note: Some dark Elves for you, Maeglin- I hope they suffice...


The two Elves stare at each other in silence, oblivious to the maelstrom around them.

 Screams and swords ring out loud and long in deadly chorus, but for these two there is nothing.

 Blood is spilled and shields splinter and bones smash as Hell itself is unleashed upon Losgar, but for these two there is nothing.

 Nothing but the other…

 …Nothing but the Oath.

 "We do this?"

 Son speaks to Father.

 "We do this."

 Father nods at Son nods at Father and both Elves grin, their fair faces turned foul by the flickering flames.

 Their torches sail through the air…




Re: Challenge Aruthir

Aruthir's Note: Hope you liked this, Anglachel- I found it very difficult to cut down to a Drabble!


Gormadoc gapes at the newborn as if he had never seen a baby before.

 Malva smiles wearily from her bed- sweat-slicked, aching fit to end the world- and eventually he turns back to her.

 "Malva, darling, I am made the happiest Hobbit in history this day."

 She summons enough strength to chuckle and shake her head.

 "Shush, darling- you'll give him Ideas."

 Her husband looks confused, so she continues.

 "After all- he will have brothers, no?"

 Gormadoc gapes.

 "This birth was hard enough, Malva… are you not satisfied?"

 She smiles.

 "Aye… but is the saying not that more is merrier?"




Re: Challenge Aruthir

Thank you again, Aruthir! Don't go giving Brandybucks any ideas. Wink

Do be sure to gather your drabbles together in a story so they don't get lost in the forum lists. Meanwhile, I shall try to think up another prompt. Hmm...




Re: Challenge Aruthir

I don't have to give anybody ideas- I've seen the amount of Brandybucks in the family trees who simply have "many children".

Glad you enjoyed.



Re: Challenge Aruthir

Very nice, Aruthir!  Definitely a pivotal moment for these two ... thanks!



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