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Server swap

As many of you have sadly experienced, the current HASA server is on its last legs and is highly unstable.

The fundamental problem is that there is a growing bad sector on the hard drive and when one of the programs tries to read from or write to this sector, the server collapses. Because we've been using the server for so long, the ISP doesn't want to try to revive out-of-date hardware. We're also on a very old operating system. Finally, we are low on RAM and hard disk space.

Last month, the server was crashing every few days. It took some heroic efforts, but I got the machine stabilized so it would only crash once a week or so. Roll eyes

Last night, the ISP handed over our new machine. It's basically twice as powerful as the current box, and with all the newest server software.

Over the next two weeks, I will be configuring the new server and moving content over. At some point, HASA will go offline and the databases will be moved over. When that happens will depend on how quickly I can get the other elements working.

Your patience while we do this transition is much appreciated.




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