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I've just done a quick survey of stories in review, and who's reviewed what.  There are twelve stories in review, and with each needing nine decisions, that's a total of 108 reviews required.

Only sixteen members are currently reviewing, and of those, two have reviewed all twelve stories!  In keeping with the policy of anonymity, I won't mention names, but you know who you are.  Many thanks to both of you!  Four more have reviewed at least five stories.  To put that another way, six reviewers have submitted forty-four reviews between them, and I thank everyone who has entered a review.

Of the twelve writers with stories in review, some are the same active reviewers I've already mentioned (remember that no-one can review their own story), but some have submitted no reviews at all.

The review process is running slowly at the moment.  Without active reviewers, the whole process will grind to a halt.  So if you have a few minutes, check out one of the stories still waiting for reviews.  If you're a writer, remember that you need reviewers – so do the same for someone else!  You don't have to be as prolific as the super six, but remember that every review counts.



Re: Reviews

I've noticed that Reviews are running very slowly at the moment.  I'm not sure if it's because the MEFAs are well underway, or because there's a slight slowdown in Tolkien fanfiction in general, at least compared to five or six years ago. 

I wonder, if stories could only be displayed at HASA (out of beta) if they had been Approved via Review, the way (if I remember right) they used to be, would there be more Review activity?

I try to review at least 3 stories a month, and usually do more; and hope to continue.

If anyone other than Jay or me is reading this, and hasn't checked out the HASA review pool and actually done a review recently, I hope they will go to HASA Review and, well, Review....You don't even have to make comments.



Re: Reviews

Well... I could certainly find the time to do more reviews, but... The problem is that my standards for "outstanding or exceptional story" are probably set too high; it has happened many times that a story I thought quite good but still nothing to phone home about gained the status and a lot of praise. In my opinion, there has been substantial inflation of the reviewed status, but I certainly do not feel entitled to impose my standards on anyone and I'd hate to turn people down just because I'm probably too picky. So, if there are no major flaws in the story but I'm not particularly impressed, either, I just return it to the pool. - But if you do want a bad guy among the reviewers... well, as a teacher, I am used to the job Tongue out



Re: Reviews

Please go ahead and review!  Every vote is important, and we need a broad cross-section of reviewers so that all views are represented.  Even if a not-very-good story is submitted, it still needs nine votes - so if no-one is prepared to hit that 'decline' button, it can languish in review for months.

I think we need a motto for the site - 'Your Voice Counts!'



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