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4th age opinions

So, I'm currently trying to write a 4th age story, set late in Eldarions reign. Meaning that while I would have a few gap filling stories involving Aragorn, Arwen, Faramir and some other of the Men, this would be almost entirely an original character story.

My question is, what do people want or dislike about 4th age stories? I've had it in my mind that while I would add new Easterling cities, and making the slaves of Nurn its own powerful nation, and adding more new cities to Arnor, I feel like I'm just doing the same old areas, the same old material. Do people want Rhun and Harad to be explored or would people like to see the development of already known areas? Thanks



Re: 4th age opinions

This sounds like a great idea for a fic, Ecthel. Tolkien hinted about Aragorn and Eomer fighting battles in Rhun and Harad, and a Sauron-worshiping religion sprouting up in the middle of Eldarion's reign, so perhaps you could use those somehow. People always like it when you add things from canon. Grin I, at least, would be more interested in the development of known areas, but I don't think you'll be able to please everyone. My suggestion is to write what you are inspired to write, but also think about what fits best in Tolkien's world. Good luck!




Re: 4th age opinions

post being reviewed as the first time I didn't read the question properly

 I can barely remember reading anything on Rhun, of any cities or cultures there. That might be interesting. Plus if you think you could take up Tolkien's hints of a 'thriller' plot concerning the Melkorian-ish 'death cults', that would, well, earn my respect.




Re: 4th age opinions

Fourth age is pretty wide open, I should say. I don't know that I've ever seen anyone make anything significant of the Nurnen settlers, so that might be very interesting.

If you feel like you are repeating what has already been done, you might try to pin down more precisely what it is that you think has been done, and how your own interests might give a different take on a situation or people. Don't feel constrained just because you can create a list of kingdoms or people that others have written about. And don't worry too much about whether other people are interested in places like Nurnen - the author's job is to give the reader a reason to care about the underwritten places, after all.




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