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Queer discourse, gender politics, and fanfics Dwimordene 6 17 Sep 06 6:00 AM
Stories We Have Read (and Written) Dwimordene 48 26 Jan 06 6:36 AM
Sexual euphemisms in M-e Elemmire 6
03 Jul 05 7:40 AM
RL & Slash polls Dwimordene 8 02 Jul 05 9:11 AM
Just what *is* slash? Anglachel 80 25 Jun 05 7:58 AM
Homosocial or Homosexual? Spindle Berry 8 25 Jun 05 1:43 AM
PWP - Guys & Gals Going at It Anglachel1 56
14 Jun 05 6:52 AM
Researching Erotica Marta 7 28 Jul 04 4:53 PM
In search of het Lyllyn 83 20 May 04 9:00 PM
What makes good het? Lyllyn 27 24 Jan 04 4:46 PM
M-e races: sexual or not? Regina 6 01 Dec 03 12:56 AM
Virginity--powerful or emasculating? Dwimordene 43 14 Oct 03 9:57 AM
The Use and Abuse of PWPs--no, really! Dwimordene 19 09 Aug 03 8:19 PM
Oedipus in Middle-earth Dwimordene 2 15 Mar 03 1:16 PM
Marriage in ME, or Just where *is* Celebrían? Anglachel1 22 04 Mar 03 9:04 PM
No sex in LOTR? Anglachel 29
10 Jan 03 1:22 AM

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This is an all-purpose discussion for talking about the challenges of writing sexuality in Middle-earth. One oft-voiced criticism of JRRT is that he did not address sex in his writings, particularly LOTR. Many fans have protested this characterization. Others have written works that treat sex and sexuality more directly and explicitly than did JRRT. There are constant debates about whether and how and why and in what manner fanfiction authors may present sex and sexuality in the ME universe.

All topics are allowed. This can be a controversial subject, and may be discussed in very anatomically explicit terms.

Readers are asked to be judicious in their choice of topic threads and to abstain from topics which they may find personally distasteful and/or distressing, and which they cannot discuss in civil language.

People who create topic threads are asked to use very clear titles and to post content warnings in the initial message so that users do not accidently enter a topic thread that they find personally distasteful and/or distressing.

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