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Coinage in Middle Earth (and Arda) Archeress 2 20 Oct 12 11:42 PM
Trade in the second age Lyllyn 2 21 Mar 03 6:07 PM
Dúnedain - treasures and mercenaries Anglachel 3 21 Mar 03 5:31 PM
Dwarves - dragon gold and mithril Anglachel 8 14 Mar 03 2:07 PM
Economical changes in the Fourth Age MissMilton 17 01 Feb 03 6:40 AM

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Just how do economics work in Middle-earth? There are trade routes, there's coinage, there are many people going all over this place carrying lots of stuff. So, how does it all work? And how do the events in any given location affect the economics of that (and other) regions?

Please feel free to add any topics you like!

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