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New Hutch-Babies! Marta 1 23 Mar 06 7:12 AM
Highlights from the Hutch HASA Challenges 10 18 Oct 04 5:33 AM
Bunny Breeding HASA Challenges 3 06 Aug 04 11:17 AM
Quick Links to Nuzgul-friendly Areas HASA Challenges 1 28 Jul 04 7:25 AM

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This forum is dedicated to the care and breeding of plotbunnies (i.e., "nuzgûl"). Unlike Prospective Challenges, "The Hutch" is for nuzgûl destined for (unsurprisingly) the HASA Nuzgûl Hutch.

Here, you will find threads for promoting your nuzgûl (once you have bred it and it has found its way to the Hutch) and for teasing out the wording of plotbunnies before submitting them. Members are highly encouraged to promote their nuzgûl here, and to make use of such resources as we can provide.

Note: In order to improve loading times, and spare members with dial-up connections, when a thread reaches fifty posts, please be certain to start a new thread by copy-pasting the posting you are replying to into your new post. Then reply to it as usual.

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