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Type: Rivers & Lakes

Region: Rhovanion/Misty Mtns

Other Names
Khuzdul: Kheled-zâram

Location: A dark lake in the Dimrill Dale, feeding the nearby cold springs, Kibil-nâla, the source of the River Celebrant (Silverlode).


Map of the Misty Mountains.
Map of the central Misty Mountains, showing the Mirrormere in Dimrill Dale.
'It is for the Dimrill Dale that we are making,' said Gandalf. 'If we climb the pass that is called the Redhorn Gate, under the far side of Caradhras, we shall come down by the Dimrill Stair into the deep vale of the Dwarves. There lies the Mirrormere, and there the River Silverlode rises in its icy springs.'

'Dark is the water of Kheled-zâram,' said Gimli, 'and cold are the springs of Kibil-nâla.'

The Fellowship of the Ring, LoTR Book 2, Ch 3, The Ring Goes South

Less than a mile away, and a little below them, for they still stood high up on the west side of the dale, there lay a mere. It was long and oval, shaped like a great spear-head thrust deep into the northern glen; but its southern end was beyond the shadows under the sunlit sky. Yet its waters were dark: a deep blue like clear evening sky seen from a lamp-lit room. Its face was still and unruffled. About it lay a smooth sward, shelving down on all sides to its bare unbroken rim.

'There lies the Mirrormere, deep Kheled-zâram!' said Gimli sadly.

Ibid., Ch 6, Lothlórien

The Company now went down the road from the Gates.... An eastward bend led them hard by the sward of Mirrormere, and there not far from the roadside stood a single column broken at the top.

'That is Durin's Stone!'....

'Come with me, Frodo!' cried the dwarf.... 'I would not have you go without seeing Kheled-zâram.' He ran down the long green slope. Frodo followed slowly, drawn by the still blue water....

Beside the standing stone Gimli halted.... 'This pillar marks the spot where Durin first looked in the Mirrormere,' said the dwarf. 'Let us look ourselves once, ere we go!'

They stooped over the dark water. At first they could see nothing. Then slowly they saw the forms of the encircling mountains mirrored in a profound blue, and the peaks were like plumes of white flame above them; beyond there was a space of sky. There like jewels sunk in the deep shone glinting stars, though sunlight was in the sky above. Of their own stooping forms no shadow could be seen.

'O Kheled-zâram fair and wonderful!' said Gimli. 'There lies the Crown of Durin till he wakes. Farewell!'


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