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Good Man is Hard to Find, A ~ by Wordweaver

Arwen had always been too good for Aragorn, and they both knew it....


Chapter List

Ch# Title # Words Updated
1 The Disappearance of the King 2,092 16 Nov 06
2 A Treasure Too Lightly Prized 1,675 16 Nov 06
3 The Steward's Watch 4,424 22 Nov 06
4 What an Elf Would Do 3,611 16 Nov 06
5 Beneath the Moon 1,962 05 Jan 06
6 The Homecoming 3,313 16 Nov 06
Appx. Word Count 17,077  


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Last Update: 25 Mar 06
Stories: 25
Type: Reader List
Created By: viggomaniac

A place to find the best stories about Aragorn in any of his many roles -- Estel, Thorongil, Aragorn, etc. I'm just getting started so expect to see a lot more stories here.

Why This Story?

Well written "what if" tale that I found most enjoyable.


Story Information

Author: Wordweaver

Status: General

Completion: Complete

Era: 4th Age

Genre: Romance

Rating: General

Last Updated: 11/16/06

Original Post: 05/03/05

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