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Aglarond ~ by ErinRua

A dwarf, a cave and a claustrophobic elf. Wherein Gimli and Legolas venture into the Crystal Caves of Aglarond at the war's end, and Legolas is lost for words. NO slash. COMPLETE.

* Mithril Awards 2003 - Winner - Best Fellowship story.
* Mithril Awards 2003 - Commended - Best Story Focusing on Elves
* Gathering of the Fellowship Toronto 2003 Writing Awards: 1st Place Prose Fiction (tied)
* 2004 MEFAs, 1st place LOTR, FOTR Award


Chapter List

Ch# Title # Words Updated
1 Aglarond 2,534 18 Mar 03
Appx. Word Count 2,534  


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Last Update: 01 Jul 12
Stories: 20
Type: Reader List
Created By: Elena Tiriel

Elena Tiriel's favorite Tolkien fanfic stories at HASA; a very personal and eclectic list of works that have touched me in some way. See Inspiring Drabbles for a similar list of favorite drabbles.

Why This Story?

A joyful tale of unlikely friendship in an exquisitely-detailed setting.


Story Information

Author: ErinRua

Status: Reviewed

Completion: Complete

Era: 3rd Age - Post-Ring War

Genre: Drama

Rating: General

Last Updated: 11/19/04

Original Post: 03/09/03

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