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Horse Sense ~ by ErinRua

Dear Friends ~

The purpose of this article is to share a bit of horse lore with fiction writers who may not have much familiarity with our old friend, the Horse. Please understand that this is not intended to be the definitive end-all of horse facts. I am not a breeder, a veterinarian, a scientist, or any kind of expert. I do not pretend to know more than other horse folks who may read this, and especially not those who may have views differing from or knowledge greater than mine. What I offer are merely my insights and knowledge of the horse, gained in my twenty years or so of working with them as a guide/outfitter and occasional cowhand. This article is merely intended as a basic guideline for writers who may not know the Horse, and these are the facts as I, personally, understand them. I hope you will find this collection of both use and enjoyment, and comments or corrections are welcome.

~ Erin


Chapter List

Ch# Title # Words Updated
1 Some Notes On Gender 741 24 Sep 02
2 How Does a Horse Travel? 271 24 Sep 02
3 How Much Weight Can a Horse carry? 275 24 Sep 02
4 How Much Does a Horse need to Eat? 128 24 Sep 02
5 What Are Some Typical Horse Colors? 926 24 Sep 02
6 What Do You Call Markings on Faces and Legs? 279 24 Sep 02
7 Horse, Donkey, Mule: What's the Difference? 537 24 Sep 02
8 Is a Pony Just a Small Horse? 95 24 Sep 02
9 What is Colic? 391 24 Sep 02
10 Horse Trivia 355 24 Sep 02
Appx. Word Count 3,998  


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Why This Story?

Helpful information about horses and ponies.


Story Information

Author: ErinRua

Status: General

Completion: Complete

Era: Other

Genre: Research Article

Rating: General

Last Updated: 12/17/02

Original Post: 09/24/02

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