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Leaves of Gold ~ by Lady E

A portrayal of the friendship and love between Aragorn son of Arathorn and Legolas Greenleaf, spanning from the year before the Council of Elrond to Aragorn's death in the Fourth Age.

Warning: adult content and explicit slash, i.e. two male characters in a homoerotic relationship.

Mithril Awards 2005 - Runner-Up - Best Drama


Chapter List

Ch# Title # Words Updated
1 A Wind There Came 1,711 23 Nov 14
2 Leaves of Gold There Grew 2,463 23 Nov 14
3 Beside the Walls 3,264 23 Nov 14
4 The River Flows Away 3,470 23 Nov 14
5 Across So Wide A Sea 5,401 23 Nov 14
6 Author's notes 1,163 23 Nov 14
Appx. Word Count 17,472  


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Last Update: 16 Sep 08
Stories: 8
Type: Reader List
Created By: Azalais

Slash is one of my indulgent pleasures - reading, I've never attempted to write it! - but so many M/E slash pairings are fraught with unlikelihood. The upside of that is that for me an author has to work really hard to make many pairings convincing - which means that some of the best slash is just brilliant writing. A list of fics that slash, with care.

Why This Story?

It's all about the emotions. Unbearably intense, managing to remain pretty well I/C, and acknowledging the central problem of this particular relationship: "nothing has changed..."


Story Information

Author: Lady E

Status: Reviewed

Completion: Complete

Era: Multi-Age

Genre: Romance

Rating: Adult

Last Updated: 03/30/07

Original Post: 11/13/03

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