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Ainaechoiriel's 2008 Birthday Gifts ~ by Ainaechoiriel

My birthday is April 7th. And in light of our now-started adoption process of a little girl from Russia (http://robandgabrielleadopt.no-ip.org for those who are interested), I request adoption stories. Please, not all Aragorn and Frodo. Though one or two wouldn't be a bad thing, I just want some imagination put into it. There were probably quite a few orphans after all the violence in Middle-Earth. Elf orphans, Dwarf orphans, Hobbit orphans, human orphans. Orc orphans? Not sure I want to see that but it would be a neat challenge if someone could pull it off. Anyway, orphans that needed care. And there were likely adults who chose to take them in. Let's meet some of them and find what's in their hearts. Interracial or intercultural is a plus. And if you just can't stick to a drabble, I wouldn't mind reading a short story but you might have to just give us a 100-word taste here and post the longer story in another place a HASA.

(Using Legolas for character, since he's my favorite. But I will add any character who appears in that list for any drabble that includes him or her as a gift for me.)


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Ch# Title # Words Updated
1 Ties of Love - by Imhiriel 170 20 Sep 08
2 New Daughter 251 28 May 08
Appx. Word Count 421  


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This is a playlist collection of the drabbles written in honor of another HASA member's 2008 birthday. Stories are alphabetical by recipient.

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Ainaechoiriel's 2008 Birthday Gifts.


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Author: Ainaechoiriel

Status: General

Completion: Work in Progress

Era: Multi-Age

Genre: General

Rating: General

Last Updated: 05/28/08

Original Post: 04/07/08

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