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Vistula's 2008 Birthday Presents ~ by Vistula the Dunadan

...having spent the past nine months settling into a new - long anticipated - home, I'd love a drabble centered around a new home, or new place to live. And if you could slip my dear Samwise in it somehow, that'd be even sweeter.


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Ch# Title # Words Updated
1 New Quarters 218 29 Apr 08
Appx. Word Count 218  


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Last Update: 29 Dec 09
Stories: 14
Type: Workshop/Group List
Created By: HASA Birthday Cards

This is a playlist collection of the drabbles written in honor of another HASA member's 2008 birthday. Stories are alphabetical by recipient.

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Vistula's 2008 Birthday Presents


Story Information

Author: Vistula the Dunadan

Status: General

Completion: Complete

Era: Other

Genre: Other

Rating: General

Last Updated: 04/29/08

Original Post: 04/19/08

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