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December 16 - 9 nervous Nazgûl: 1. Employee Review - by Raksha


Angmar, the mighty First among the Nine, skulked out of the  Presence as if he had been kicked.  By a Mumak.

"Your turn now"  Seventh told Fourth.

"N-n-no; do not make me."  Fourth whined.

"Such a crybaby" Third  said scornfully.  "Come, Second,  shall we set the example?"

"This time, you may have the sole advantage"  Second replied,  and stepped behind Third.

"Hsssst, what a lot of ninnies, one would think you were still  Men"  Third spoke scornfully.  Sixth and Fifth shivered, holding  clawlike hands together in an attitude that looked disgustingly prayerful.   Ninth hung back, with bowed head; and Eighth had curled up in the corner,  sucking his bony thumb.  

Third squared what remained of his shoulders and strode into the  room of the Presence.  There, he bowed low before the throne of their dread  lord.

The black shimmer that bespoke Sauron's living Presence emitted a disturbingly pleasant voice.  "Ah, it's Third, is it not?"

"Yes, dread Lord."

"Is it really true that while Sixth through Ninth were lost in the  woods somewhere, you and the others managed to let my Ring slip from your grasp  on that miserable hill?"

"We were opposed, dread Lord."

"Ah…yes"  Cold laughter emanated from the Presence.   "Opposed.  By four witless halflings and a lone Ranger."

Third would have liked to suggest that his dread Lord face that  particular lone Ranger.   But then, his dread Lord did not have to  wear robes and mantles that could catch fire from a brand wielded rather  fiercely by that vicious West-Man.  And to speak up would have  been…unwise.

Too late! The Presence read his mind.  Third quailed inwardly  as his dread Lord chuckled again in an even more menacing tone.  "I  will  indeed face that meddlesome Ranger one day.  He and his accursed  people shall all perish after I retake my Ring.  Which you failed to seize,  even when the thieving Shire-rat practically handed it to you by putting it  on his finger."

"Forgive your Servant, most Dread Lord"  Third asked, rather  stiffly.  He wondered if Angmar had weaseled out of the blame for the  debacle, what lies the First of the Nazgul had told their master.  

"Mmm.  Not today, Third."  The tone of his dread Lord's  voice was soft now, almost purring, which surely promised merry hell to  pay.  "I think it is time for you to undertake a Positive Motivation  Seminar."

Not that!  Suddenly, the pride of centuries failed  him.   Third moaned.  "Oh dread Lord, no!  Be merciful to  thy minion."  He dropped quickly to his knees, which creaked at the sudden  pressure.  

"Oh, Gothmog!"  The Presence whistled.  The chief of  Barad-dur Employee Relations, a large Orc, bounded into the chamber and grinned  toothily.  "Escort Third of Nine to the White Room."

Sweet Darkness!  "No.  Please.  I shall hack off the  heads of a hundred West-Men in your honor, dread Lord."

"Too late; Angmar already promised.   Gothmog, take  him."  

No escape.  Third heaved himself up, and followed the smiling  Orc, his own teeth chattering in anticipated terror.  

The Orc led Third into a room with ghastly white walls, and chained  him into a stone chair.  Gothmog then moved to the center of the room,  where was mounted their Lord's great black Seeing-Stone.  The Orc bore down  on the palantir, which hummed to life, fire flashing in its depths.  Third  began to thrash in terror.  

Unbearably cheerful sounds trilled out of the stone, assaulting  Third's senses like the cacophony of birds.  He was undone!    Third wailed out his misery as he heard the notes of pure goodness in a distant  song, captured and relayed by  Morgoth-knew-what-truly-foul-devilry:

Hey dol!  merry dol!  Ring a dong dillo!
Ring a  dong!  hop along!  fal lal the willow!
Tom Bom, jolly Tom, Tom  Bombadillo!

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Thanks to Juno-Magic and Aranel Took, HASA members were presented with 24 cues to use to create presents of stories, drabbles, and poems for the Yule season in 2005. Many members contributed many wonderful "mathoms" for you to enjoy. Find them all collected here.

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