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Tales of Thanksgiving: A Drabble Collection: 15. Magic

"Magic" is three drabbles about how a son of Fëanor might seek redemption for his misdeeds-and continue to be haunted by them.



There was a legend in the town by the sea, a legend of restoration. Redemption.

People came from all over, broken treasures cradled in hands: watches, vases, rings. Dolls and wagons, broken during childish fits, then regretted.

"Leave it there, in the sand," they were told. "When you return upon the morrow, it shall be restored to you."

One widow brought the locket her husband had given her, the picture having been ruined long ago. She buried it in the sand, as instructed.

Come the morrow, it was fixed. Caught in the heart was a single strand of chocolate-colored hair.


One boy was cleverer than most. He always had the answers at school, jabbing his hand into the air before the other children could answer. And he was determined to learn the secret behind the "magic."

He crept out at night to watch the beach. He'd buried a fountain pen in the sand, having broken it over his knee that morning.

But he was surprised by a hand on his shoulder and his mother, her sour face tender, somehow, in the moonlight. "Come home," she said, "and do not worry him. Do you not see? Knowing-that would ruin it."


The children raced to the beach. It was not a trinket in their hands; it quavered, eyes darting with fright.

The seabird with the broken wing had been found, pecked by gulls. Its fate had been debated, and it had been decided that it should be trusted to the magic.

Carefully, they covered its feathers in sand.

Come mid-night, the man came. Long-fingered hands sifted the sand, found the bird. It had stopped trembling.

Rising to face the moon, he opened his hands and set it free. That which winked in its grasp-? Nay, it was just a star.

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Geat ,short, assorted sons of Feanor--multi-age. By Dawn Felagund


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Author: Dawn Felagund

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