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Hope Unquenchable

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All of Them Together: 2. notes

For now Thorongil will have to try to remember how the verse goes and who taught him about the strength of brothers who stand together.
My subconscious is very literal, and it may be telling me that Boromir cannot truly learn about the strength of brothers until he has one...and, I wanted to create that feeling of things that are lost from childhood unless we are careful to preserve them.

I gave the obvious, daylight/darkness or sun and shadow to Boromir –  its theme of working together seems right for Gondor.

I gave the “Twilight” or “elven” verse to Thorongil - his childhood was spent with the people of the twilight – that was why I let this verse be the one he remembers best. And the concept that twilight is made of dark and bright and starlight / all of them, and none refers also to the theme of brothers/family for him – he has all of them, and yet none.

I thought I would address what he is remembering in another story, but I am not sure I will ever write it now, since Avon and I seem to be finishing each other's thoughts. So, until I do write it, you can follow the early part of Thorongils memory in a very similar story to the one I envisioned at Forgotten Memories


Happy Birthday, Rachel / Shadow975
April 28, 2003
You are SO not the oldest!

They tell you shadows are the place to hide, but listen: no one looks into the sun. - M.E. Davidson

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Last Update: 20 May 06
Stories: 15
Type: Reader List
Created By: Envinyatar

A collection of stories that, to me, illustrate the following quote from Appendix A:

Aragorn's "face was sad and stern because of the doom that was laid on him, and yet hope dwelt ever in the depths of his heart, from which mirth would arise at times like a spring from the rock."

In character stories that present the lighter side of Aragorn.

Why This Story?

Light-hearted but bitter-sweet, Thorongil and a captivating, very young Boromir.


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Author: fileg

Status: Reviewed

Completion: Complete

Era: 3rd Age - The Stewards

Genre: General

Rating: General

Last Updated: 05/05/03

Original Post: 04/27/03

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