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Leithian Script: Act III: 21. Scene XVI

A Boy, A Girl & A Dog
The Lay of Leithian Dramatic Script Project



--As well might gild the gold day-lily
or plate with silver the brighter stars of night,
as render fair yet fairer still by handwork silly
changing changeless pattern to accustomed sight--

[The Regent's apartments, Finduilas' rooms -- Luthien is sitting on the bed looking rather ironic and put-upon. She is wearing a sumptuous and graceful gown of deep reds while Finduilas sits behind her fussing with her hopeless hair. She still holds on to her own dress and wrap, rolled up tightly in her hands, however. A jewelry casket is open on a small stand nearby.]

No, of course you can't wear blue, it's Autumn.

But you're wearing blue.

Yes, but I'm blonde.

--Is there someplace in Arda that that makes sense? Because I never heard anything like that from Mom.

[Finduilas laughs]

Why does everyone think I'm trying to be funny?


I'm beginning to think I know why Galadriel never stays here very long -- nor Finrod!

Do you want the gold earrings with garnets, or the red-enameled earrings that I made to go with it? They're both quite nice.

Luthien: [trying not to be rude]
If you made the enamels to match then I guess they'd go best with it, right?

Well, I think so -- but then you might want to wear real gems, because of your rank. Either set has matching hair ornaments, so it doesn't matter.

Well that's how I feel about it all.

[she pokes listlessly through the jewelry in the case.]

Oh -- no, I think I'll wear these.

Finduilas: [looks]
Oh, no, those won't do.

Why not? They have matching hair ornaments too, I see--

But those are for Summer. You can't wear roses right now.

But they're made of white enamel and gold. How can it matter when you wear them, since they don't fade?

Finduilas: [shaking her head in dismay]
You just can't. It would look so -- odd.

Well, they're what I'm wearing. Sorry.

Oh Luthien, please--!

Nope, nope, it's that or no jewelry at all.

Finduilas: [humoring]
Oh, very well, as you please.


--Does everyone in Doriath talk that way?

Luthien: [defensive]
What way?

Oh, you know, --your accent.

I don't have an accent. You lot are the ones with the funny accents, changing all the sounds around.

No, it's you who have changed the language: we spoke it the original way. --And those expressions. "Nope," "Yep" and the like?

Oh, that's North Country Sindarin. I picked those up from Beren. I got into the habit of using them to annoy my parents, it was an ideological thing, before I tried to run away and got shut up in the tree. --Now I don't even remember I'm doing it.


I've tried to get him to teach me his old language, the one they spoke before Finrod taught them Sindarin, but he says there's no point--

Well, there isn't, really, is there? I mean, it isn't as though there's anyone left to speak it with.

How can you talk so casually about the death of an entire civilization?

Finduilas: [uncomfortable]
Well -- it isn't the same as if Nargothrond were destroyed, really.

Oh, don't start that about their culture being all derivative and all -- I don't want to hear it this time, either.

[Finduilas gives her a worried frown]

You're not going to be like that all night, are you? Will you at least make an effort to be sociable and civil?

Luthien: [wry]
Don't worry. I will be sure to uphold the family honor.

[Finduilas gets up and goes out of the room to put away the jewel box. Luthien, frowning, looks at the rolls of cloth in her hands; after deliberating she briefly sets them down on the bedspread, but after a moment's hesitation picks them up again and stuffs them up the long sleeves of her gown, not trusting to still be there when she gets back.]

Finduilas: [businesslike]
Now, let's see if I can't make your hair a little more presentable. Perhaps if I use the roses to hold down the worst of these tufts . . .

[Luthien's expression becomes completely glazed as Finduilas gets more enthusiastic.]

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