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Leithian Script: Act III: 29. Scene XXIII.i

A Boy, A Girl & A Dog
The Lay of Leithian Dramatic Script Project



--Striving to ordain in plots and scheming dark,
both strong and subtle eke shall miss their mark--

[The royal apartments -- Celegorm is trying out several different bows and equipment cases. Curufin is reading.]

Celegorm: [dissatisfied]
Eh, I think I like my own better. This one's too long, this one's not springy enough, and the grip's all wrong for me on the other one. Which is a real pity, because it's got a simply beautiful case -- but it wouldn't do to break up the set. --Maybe I'll keep the quiver though; I really do like the closures on it, and it hangs well.

You talking to me or yourself, Cel?

Oh, both. --Too bad it's so wet out, I'd like to go for a ride but no chance of raising a decent chase, what?

Curufin: [absently]
Probably. Why don't you go and work on cheering up Her Highness some more? You seemed to get along well with her last night. She actually smiled a few times that I saw.

Yes. --But I'm worried about her, wandering like that. Sometimes she seems all there, and sometimes she really doesn't. I mean, what's to stop her from taking off in another crazy fit? Apparently she made some kind of scene at Finduilas' party, embarrassed herself and went off in a tizzy, though I didn't hear exactly what it was all in aid of.

Well, I doubt that there's much in the way of elegant manners in Thingol's backwoods palace. It wouldn't be hard to make a social gaffe, even if she was paying attention.

Celegorm: [frowning more]
And then -- and she would have been all right, if no one had stopped her, because Huan was with her -- but she was drifting around the water-gates, and had no clear idea of what she was doing down there when the guards asked her. I shudder to think what might've become of her, if she'd slipped out and Huan hadn't been along to bring her back!

Curufin: [sighing]
Yes, I heard. It's taken care of -- I spoke to the staff and arranged that she's to be accompanied at all times about the City. Honor guard, you know. She is a Princess, after all, and should be treated with all due respect. No need to worry about our little bird taking flight into the forest again.

You don't suppose--

[A knocking at the outer door. Irritably:]

--What now?

Sirs, someone from the Regent's office is here with -- a request . . . ?

[Orodreth's Aide comes in and tries to hand Celegorm several sheets of parchment; the elder son of Feanor, weighing quivers, gestures to give it to the younger, which the Aide does, with every sign of distaste]

Milords. My master requests that you peruse these and return the answers to him as promptly as you possibly can without sacrificng accuracy. Both accuracy and speed are of the utmost importance. Good day.

[With the shallowest bow possible he leaves; Curufin looks at the pages and snorts]

--Is this some kind of joke? He demands "The amount of resources consumed by your Household for the past three winters, with projected use for this coming season, as itemized on the accompanying lists, titled and ruled for your convenience" --Does the fool have nothing better to do than harrass us with paperwork?

[He crumples them up and flings them into the fireplace.]

What were you saying, there?

Celegorm: [shakes his head]
Nothing. Just -- silly notion. Never mind. Hey, do you think if I kept this quiver you could make a matching bowcase to go with it?

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