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Imhiriel's 2007 Birthday Presents: 3. A Special Request, by Jay of Lasgalen

 A Special Request  

On the evening before his departure from Lórien, Aragorn approached Celeborn hesitantly, clearly apprehensive and uncertain of his welcome.   Celeborn could make a shrewd guess as to his intent, but waited patiently.  Aragorn, he noted, had shed the white and silver clothing Galadriel had given him, and now he wore again the slightly shabby ranger garb he travelled in, though it was now somewhat cleaner, the rips and tears neatly mended.


"My Lord Celeborn …  there is something I wish to ask of you."  Aragorn hesitated again, then clutched at his courage firmly.  "I should really request it of her father – my father – but I cannot wait until I return to Imladris."  He paused again.  "The Lady Arwen – I wish – that is, we wish …"


He dropped to one knee, and gazed earnestly at Celeborn, his hesitance now forgotten.  "My lord, I ask for her hand.  I know there are dark times ahead, and many long years before we can be wed, but I can only face those times if I know she awaits me.  Please, my lord."


He dropped his gaze and waited.  Celeborn drew the moment out for as long as possible, then asked, "Have you spoken of this to Arwen herself?"


Startled, Aragorn looked up.  "Yes!  That is … well, we have already … I mean …" his voice trailed off again.


Celeborn relented at last, drawing Aragorn to his feet and embracing him.   "You have already pledged yourselves.  I know – my lady sees much.  I am honoured that you seek my approval in this matter – even if it is a little after the fact!"   He frowned, then added seriously,  "Elrond will find this difficult, but he will accept it – Galadriel has seen that, too."  He smiled.   "And of course you have my blessing – both of you."




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