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Leithian Script: Act III: 31. Scene XXIV

A Boy, A Girl & A Dog
The Lay of Leithian Dramatic Script Project



None hath guessed how, desperate, Tinuviel should try
E'en without her work of power, from Nargothrond to fly --

[The royal apartments -- Curufin is working with a largish device on the central table, something made of polished metal that is hinged in many different ways and seemes to be composed equally of flat plates and curved bars -- it looks a little like vines growing over a pile of sheer-plane rock, in its current folded state. Celegorm enters; his brother only nods absently at him.]

Celegorm: [abrupt]
We have to do something else. She nearly walked out of here. Seems I was wrong.

Curufin: [suddenly attentive]
What about the guards?

She called them in to look at her fireplace, said it was smokin' and could they see if the system was jammed up -- and while they were working it over she walked out right behind them.

Curufin: [ominously]
I'll have their names for that -- how could they be so unobservant, they're guards, dammit!

Celegorm: [shrugs, half-admiringly]
They swore that she was standing there right next to them, making admiring noises all the while. Turns out it was jammed -- only she'd done it herself -- bent it all up so it took a third of a bell to fix it. By that point she was already down in the stables, where she'd manage to convince everyone that she was just another kid looking after the horses -- only reason it didn't work is that the horses didn't recognize her and got all jumpy.

Curufin: [looking at the closed, locked casket on a small table by itself]
And no one saw her in the halls?

Oh, they saw her all right -- they just had this idea that she was "someone who was supposed to be there doing something" no matter where she was. So -- question is -- what are we going to do about it? Just a bunch of little illusions, and a few folded baffles -- kids' tricks -- but all together it adds up to -- no bird in our hands. Nearly.

Curufin: [tapping his lips]
If she can work that kind of game upon that many people, sequentially and at once, then we need something that cannot be fooled. I wouldn't rely on any kind of a mechanical lock at all -- too easy to fox, and too easy to make it look fixed -- and I wouldn't rely on any lock alone, but in conjunction with a redoubled guard, I would think that a name-boundary set for her only should do the trick. You want to do it, or shall I?

No, that's all right, I thought that's what you'd say but I wanted your input first. I'll go take care of it right now. --What is that?

I don't know . . . yet. Where is she? It might be awkward -- if you had to explain.

Celegorm: [smiles broadly]
I sicced her on Orodreth -- you know how he can't stop talking when he gets nervous. I figure they're good for another bell at least.

Curufin: [looking up in alarm]
You're not worried about what he might say to her?

Celegorm: [snorts]
Him? He's not going to say anything that will make his job any harder. And the more nervous he is the less he actually says in all those words. I'm not worried -- you think he wants to explain his role in the affair to her?

Curufin: [relaxing]
True. --Aha -- that's how that goes --

[unfolds the device into a huge openwork array]

--But what is it?


[shaking his head, he hurries off to set up the security system on Luthien's apartments]

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