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The Sword of Elendil: 34. Appendix: From the Red Book of Westmarch

In the days of Argeleb son of Malvegil, since no descendants of Isildur remained in the other kingdoms, the kings of Arthedain again claimed the lordship of all Arnor. The claim was resisted by Rhudaur. There the Dúnedain were few, and power had been seized by an evil lord of the Hillmen, who was in secret league with Angmar. Argeleb therefore fortified the Weather Hills; but he was slain in battle with Rhudaur and Angmar.

In later years it was revealed that the evil lord of the Hillmen was none other than the sorcerer of Rhudaur, who had possessed the body of a chief of the Hillmen. He was a sorcerer of great power, the chief servant of the Witch-King, and led the forces of the enemy in the assault on the Weather Hills when Argeleb was slain.

When Angmar was at last vanquished by the forces of Gondor and all who remained in the North of the Dúnedain and the Elves of the Grey Havens and Imladris, the sorcerer too vanished from the North. But while it was known that he was not a Ringwraith, the Wise did not know of what kind he truly was, and believed, wrongly as they came to see, that the sorcerer had perished in the body of the Hillmen's lord. But this proved not to be so, and when Sauron rose again, and Mount Doom burst into flame, he sent the sorcerer from Dol Guldur, where he had hidden in the intervening years, back to the North. For the death of Smaug, as Mithrandir had foreseen, was a terrible blow to Sauron's plans, and he sought to regain a base from which to assault Imladris and to continue his search for the Heir of Isildur, if any remained upon the earth.

In this the sorcerer was in part successful. Through evil magic he lured the chieftains Arador and Arathorn II to their deaths, and would have brought about the death of Aragorn II as well, if Elrond had not protected him in Imladris. But the Rangers were aware when the sorcerer returned, and they rode against him in company with the sons of Elrond and Lord Glorfindel. With the aid of Gandalf the Grey his lair was cleansed of all Orcs and evil Men.

Then it was revealed that the sorcerer was none other than Moredhel, the cruel servant of Celegorm who had left the sons of Dior to starve in the woods. This Elf was already far down the road to evil when he met his death at the hands of Maedhros son of Fëanor. For Maedhros sought to find the boys, but when he could not, he took his revenge upon Moredhel. Thus he lost his Elven body and became a lost spirit, refusing the call of Mandos. As the Wise later came to know, he took over the body of another, forcing out the rightful spirit into death. It is not known how many bodies he inhabited over the Ages. But at last he took refuge in the body of a wolf, and for many years the Ettenmoors were ravaged by these beasts. The danger was not ended until the days of Elessar.

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Last Update: 25 Mar 06
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A place to find the best stories about Aragorn in any of his many roles -- Estel, Thorongil, Aragorn, etc. I'm just getting started so expect to see a lot more stories here.

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Wonderfully written story delving into Aragorn's departure from Rivendell to live among the Dunedain.


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Author: Gandalfs apprentice

Status: General

Completion: Complete

Era: 3rd Age - The Stewards

Genre: Drama

Rating: General

Last Updated: 12/17/10

Original Post: 06/05/05

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