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Leithian Script: Act III: 36. Scene XXVII

A Boy, A Girl & A Dog
The Lay of Leithian Dramatic Script Project



--Her fears full-formed,
the captive guest of welcome well-outworn
herself would free, her hopes stillborn--

[The Armories. Celegorm is coming back from the practice area, grinning broadly, helm under his arm, while various warriors give him wary and/or dirty looks. All are a bit disheveled. Curufin shoves through in the opposite direction, grabs his brother, and drags him behind a rack of spears.]

Curufin: [urgent whisper]
You're not going to believe this--

Celegorm: [hand jumping to swordhilt]
--They came back?!

No. She got out again.

I swear I worked it properly!

I know you did. --Don't worry. The main security system stopped her, at the Gates -- not the guards, though. They didn't notice her until the alarms started up -- seems she isn't any good at guessing passwords -- and then they brought her back inside to her rooms.

So how did she do it?

Curufin: [grimly]
Apparently -- by whatever rules govern the rules of Arda -- an aftername given by a human is just as good as any other. --I wouldn't have thought of that either.

So . . . she just . . . walked right through it?

Didn't even realize it was there, apparently. Didn't stop her at all.

Celegorm: [frowning]
I don't like that. Mortals shouldn't be able to have anything to do with power.

I agree. One more oversight on the part of the gods for the list. But -- one good thing's come of it, now everyone realizes that she's -- eccentric -- trying to run out barefoot and coatless with no provisions into the woods at this time of year. So I didn't even have to look responsible for suggesting that she be -- politely -- restrained; someone else already suggested it to the Master of Defensive Illusions and he took care of it. I removed all trace of your working before he got there, by the way.

Celegorm: [apprehensive]
Do you think she'll be angry about it?

Curufin: [shrugs]
Probably. But not at you. What I wonder is if she'll say anything, or pretend she hasn't noticed it. Given her family's pride I'm guessing the latter. --Hey, want to go a few rounds? I could do with the exercise.

Sure -- I'm not tired at all. This was childs' play.

[They come out into the floor and Curufin starts taking down practice gear.]

Celegorm: [to bystanders]
Anyone else up for some more bruises? No takers? Oh well--

Oh, you don't want to fight children, you want real competition!

[They head off towards the pells; the native Nargothronders scowl after them]

First Warrior:
Someone needs to flatten that lout.

Second Warrior:
Which one?

First Warrior:
--Both of them.

Third Warrior:
You up for it?

[Bitter looks all round]

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Author: Philosopher At Large

Status: Reviewed

Completion: Complete

Era: 1st Age

Genre: Drama

Rating: General

Last Updated: 01/25/03

Original Post: 08/16/02

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