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Morgoth's Notebook: 4. Brightest Flame

Finally, some time to breathe. It’s been a couple of hundred years since I’ve been able to sit down and update this notebook. First I had to rein fire down upon everyone so that they would all just leave me alone. (The only good thing that year was being able to slay Fëanor’s half brother.) Then Sauron had to go invade Minas Tirith, taking half my orcs with him. And then there was that pesky law suit. It’s been rough. But now I have some peace and quiet, I can jot down some more story ideas.

Apparently there is this place – I don’t entirely understand this – but it is a place that girls can fall out of and end up in our world. When this happens, people get all bent out of shape about it. Personally, I think it’s brilliant.

Brightest Flame
by Morgoth Bauglir

Alcarinque was a normal girl from the Other Place, but she was hiding a terrible secret. When she was only 15, she was abused by a man wearing a hideous mask. She found herself with child and carried to term. Shortly after the child was born – a son – the hideously masked man returned, stole the child, and she never saw either of them again. Now alcarindque is 30 and her life is about to change. What she didn’t know was that man was not wearing a mask, but he was an orc and her child was prophesized about long ago as the only living being that could rid the world of the repulsiveness of Sauron.

Chapter two – one morning Alcarinque wakes up and she doesn’t recognize where she is. She is in Arda. She is found by a nice farming family. They are attacked by evil elves, most likely Fëanorians. The elves kill all the nice farmer people and take Alcarinque as their slave. She meets a young 15 year old boy named Avathar who is also a slave of the elves. He is not an elf, but a man. They become close and have a real connection. She feels as if she knows him, but that is impossible because this is not her world.

He tells her about his father, who the elves stole him from. While he is telling her, she has horrible flashbacks to the man in the mask. She realizes that this is her son, but how can she tell him that?

While they are being slaves, they are captured and brought to Angband, but nobody wants to harm them, since they were slaves of the Fëanorians, and nobody wants to anger a Fëanorian, especially the orcs. So they treat them well, but the two yearn for freedom.

The elves, missing their slaves and not wanting to do any work on their own, summon their leader Fëanor. They break him out of Mandos, sending him to rescue their two slaves. Fëanor falls madly in love with Alcarinque and she loves him too, fooled as we all are by his powerful masculinity and his undeniable charisma. There is a graphic love scene and he decides that he wants to be a mortal man and not an elf so that he can be with her. The Valar for once get off their lazy bums and do something, granting him his wish. As soon as he is mortal, all the orcs descend on him and kill him, and now not even his stupid over-priced lawyer can help him. And no, my dear Fëanor, you’re not going back to Mandos – you’re a mortal now. You can’t ever come back. Go ahead and try to sue me again.

Anyway, meanwhile, Avathar has bonded with the orcs and they look to him as a leader. Alcarinque realizes that his father was not a man in a mask, but an orc, and firing a shot from her bow, she tries to kill one of the orcs. She misses and it hits Sauron instead, killing him instantly and yet painfully.

Avathar, not realizing that Alcarinque is his mother, orders her death. As she is dying she reveals her identity to him. He is sorry for killing her, but she is not, because now she can go be happy with Fëanor wherever it is that mortals go when they die. Avathar, being half orc, chooses to be immortal so he never has to see his mother with that arrogant Fëanor. He takes Sauron’s place and everyone likes him better anyway.

The End.

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Why This Story?

The most hystericaly funny look at Morgoth's diary ever imagined.


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Author: Arandil

Status: Reviewed

Completion: Complete

Era: Multi-Age

Genre: Humor

Rating: General

Last Updated: 01/12/06

Original Post: 08/20/04

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