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Leithian Script: Act III: 41. Scene XXXII

A Boy, A Girl & A Dog
The Lay of Leithian Dramatic Script Project



--Hence, and spurnéd hither, Lord Curufin soon hath proved
that Elves, no less than Men, hold well the power to self-delude . . .

[The royal apartments -- Celebrimbor is here, as well as Celegorm, who keeps giving his nephew wary, hostile looks. The younger Elf is calmly perusing a notebook, while his uncle paces; there is the air of a recently concluded argument and momentary truce about the room. Curufin enters, looking a bit as though he has a bad taste in his mouth.]

Celegorm: [nervously]

It's a start -- progress was made. I'm sure she'll see reason, once she's been left to think it over in peace and quiet for a bit.


You didn't say anything about -- Huan.

[silence -- he looks sharply at his brother]

Did you know he's defected?

[Celegorm makes a gloomy noise]

He menaced me, you know.

[His brother does not answer]

--You too, eh?

Celebrimbor: [turning a page of the book he's reading]
Perhaps the fact that two who could be said to represent the Powers most closely on this shore are dead set against you might just perchance to indicate something.

Curufin: [rounding on him]

Celebrimbor [wilfully misunderstanding]
Oh, I'm not completely certain, but something along the lines of -- this is a very bad, bad idea--

This is for your benefit, boy, don't forget -- your fortunes are as much at stake as the rest of our House, and you stand to gain no less by consolidation of our resources and the realms of the Eldar in Middle-earth.

Celebrimbor: [vague smile]
My benefit? I had all the benefits I required before your -- rebellion.

Celegorm: [hotly]
-- Look, you ungrateful whelp, you can just betake yourself to the kennels if you're too good for --

Curufin: [icy]
Oh, I know very well that you can be bought like that damned Hound with gifts and flattery: that fool cousin of ours gave you unlimited workspace and raved over every least thing you made as though he'd made it himself, and you lapped it all up -- never thinking about how it looked to his credit, having a Feanorian artist at his beck and call --

Celebrimbor: [disgusted]
You really do see everything through your own unique, bent prism, don't you, Father?

[he makes a marginal note in his book, shaking his head slightly]

You're part of this family, and you're just as bound by the Oath as your uncles and I are. Do not forget it.

Celebrimbor: [ironic smile]
Am I? I suppose I am, at that.

[gets up to leave]

Curufin: [suspicious look]
Where are you going?

I've got a class to teach in half an hour -- I need to get ready for it.

Curufin: [meaningfully]
I do trust that that is all you are planning on doing?

Celebrimbor: [bitter]
Don't worry -- I can no more stand to think of her Highness wandering barefoot and helpless in the wilds than you can.

[as he goes to leave the suite Celegorm gets in his way and blocks him, giving him a glower and making him go around, in a little dominance display, calling after him scornfully:]


Curufin: {pouring drinks for them both]
Don't let him get to you. I don't know -- this younger generation. They don't have our nerve. I'd almost prefer it if he'd defy me, you know. At least that would be something. He's just too much like his mother, all pious disapproval and no willingness to do anything. --Here.

[hands his brother the glass; they share a look of mutual support and frustration]

Someday -- they'll be lining up to apologize to us. All of 'em.

Here's to then!

[They toss back the liquor in toast.]

So . . . what do we do now?

Curufin: [smiling]
You -- do whatever you like. I've an idea of mine to follow up on.

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