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Leithian Script: Act III: 48. Scene XXXIX

A Boy, A Girl & A Dog
The Lay of Leithian Dramatic Script Project



Captive and disarmed, the Dancer of Doriath yet concedeth not defeat--
lacking her Work, still she holdeth, wieldeth will and power to entreat --

[Luthien's suite. She is sitting on the floor with her feet on one of the jambs of the open door, her back against the other, talking loudly though no one can be seen except Huan, whom she is not addressing, though he is lying next to her with his head on her lap as she brushes him.]

--So first they started trouble all up and down Aman, and then there was the business with nobody getting to see the Silmarils because Feanor was trying to punish you for not appreciating him, and then there was the Night of Darkness and the Kinslaying and then you got abandoned on the other side by him and his sons and then you had to cross the Helcaraxe on foot which is personally the most insane thing I ever heard of but I heard that you lot insisted, and you wouldn't have made it over without my cousins going with you and looking after you and so of course! when the Sons of Feanor move in and start doing the same old thing, bullying and shoving and insisting on getting all their own way, you think they're just wonderful, and you give them everything that Finrod worked to give you and you pretend that it was that way all along. Oh yeah, that makes lots of sense!


--You can hide around the corner, but I still know you're there!

[nomal voice:]

It's easier to say -- the girl from Doriath is crazy, than to say -- We're faithless traitors.

[There is a sound of muffled exclamation and movement from down the hall, as though someone started to respond and then stopped -- or maybe was stopped.]

-- Perhaps I'm not being fair. Maybe you were with the House of Feanor all along and only came here as guests yourselves, and that's why they put you here to watch me and why you think you can't pay heed to my rights. But you're just wrong, if that's the case. You can't claim that you get to ignore the obligatons that bind even the gods themselves, of justice and honesty and hospitality and not standing by in idleness as someone else does something wrong and pretending you don't know and aren't involved -- all in the name of honour. How is that "honorable"? Why don't you explain it to me, being just a poor simple Dark-elf out of the woods and all?


I know you can hear me!

[There is no answer. Shakes her head. Warningly:]

All right, then.


There were three ra'ens sat on a tree
and they were black as they might be
Said one of them unto his mate --
Where shall we our breakfast take?

--In yonder greening field,
there lies a Knight slain under his shield.
--His hawks they do so fiercely fly,
there's nary a fowl does come him nigh--

His hounds they lie down at his feet --
His hounds they lie down at his feet --
His hounds they lie down at his feet
so well they do their master keep!

Huan: [interrupting her]
[loud sharp barks]

Luthien: [kissing the top of his head]
--Yes, you're a good dog too.


Then there came a fallow doe,
as great with young as she might go --
She took him up upon her back
and carried him beside the loch
She buried him in morning-time
and she was dead ere evensong-time --

[more barking, louder]

I know, I know -- I know it's no good, but I have to try. I don't know if they really don't care, or if there really is a spell like Celebrimbor said, or if this is some kind of madness or poison from living too long underground. --And it doesn't really matter, whatever it is. I mean, they did all leave their families back in Aman, so maybe they can't understand what I feel for Beren--

[sings to herself:]

Oh the leaves they will wither
-- Roots will decay
And the beauty of a young maid
will soon fade away --
Oh, will soon fade away --

[small, nonstop whines]

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