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Leithian Script: Act III: 49. Scene XL

A Boy, A Girl & A Dog
The Lay of Leithian Dramatic Script Project



In these days of order overset, of Misrule's rule,
the City's lawful lord is reckoned only fool.

[The Regent's Office. Gwindor is standing much less truculently (but if possible more worried) before Orodreth's desk. The Regent looks exhausted and grim -- or angry but in control of it, perhaps.]

What have you discovered?

Aside from the fact that Curufin's so paranoid that half the time he hardly seems to trust himself -- which, added to the usual overconfidence and assumption of cowed awe at the aura of the family name, manifests itself in some rather erratic behavior patterns?

Orodreth: [sharply]
I was referring specifically to the question of this reported -- marriage alliance -- purposed between the Lady Luthien and Lord Celebrimbor.

Gwindor: [chastened]
Yes, sir. --According to fairly reliable sources, the Lords of Aglon-and-Himlad did send messengers east, under the pretext of assigning liaison staff to the watchtowers. However, there is no way to ascertain that they were sending to Doriath, and not to their brothers, although there are suggestive indications from various overheard cryptic remarks and careless talk among their Household.


To put it bluntly, sir, I don't think that her Highness of Doriath is insane.



Sir, what are we going to do?

For the present -- nothing, but observe.

Gwindor: [outraged]

Orodreth: [dry]
At the present instant, her Highness -- and Huan -- have the situation in hand. Unless you believe that you and your following can do a better job of defending her than the Hound of Valinor?


For the present, you will maintain your staff's unobtrusive presence among her guards, monitoring the situation constantly and reporting to me, unless the situation changes, and not until then.

And if that should happen?

Then -- I will be compelled to take action.

[long silence -- Gwindor looks hopeful]

I would prefer to trust that it will not come to that, that sanity will reassert itself over the grandiose ambitions of our -- guests, and that affairs will shortly return to such normality of state as formerly obtained.

Do you really believe that your cousins will behave with either reason or good will? --Sir.

[The Regent reaches over to flick a bead on the abacus-construct, with a lopsided smile]

Orodreth: [ironic]
No, my lord. Hence your orders.

[Gwindor bows and strides out; Orodreth remains staring into the distance for a moment before turning back to his paperwork with a sigh.]

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