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Plants of Middle-Earth: 5. Appendix: Useful Internet Resources and Other References

Internet Resources

The Beautiful Tree
Long descriptions of common European trees, including much folklore and quotations from literature.

Dendrology at Virginia Tech
Search for a tree by its Latin or common name. Detailed photographs of leaves, fruit, and twigs.

Glossary of Botanical Terms

I-Lauki: A Qenya Botany
A list of Qenya (proto-Quenya) words having to do with plants, compiled by David Salo on the basis of Tolkien's earliest Elvish wordlist, the "Qenya Lexicon" of 1915.

A Meridional Grid on the Middle-Earth Map
Useful for estimating climactic conditions in different areas of Middle-Earth.

Photographs of Plants Organized by Latin Names

A guide to the plant types and ecosystems of Northern Europe.

Bibliographical References

Addison, Josephine. The illustrated plant lore : a unique potpourri of history, folklore, and practical advice. London: Sidgwick & Jackson, 1985.

Jordan, Michael. Plants of mystery and magic : a photographic guide. London: Blandford, 1997.

Laurialt, Jean. Identification guide to the trees of Canada. Richmond Hill, Ont.: Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 1992.

Martin, Laura. The folklore of trees and shrubs. Chester, Conn.: Globe Pequot Press, 1992.

Miles, Archie. Silva : the tree in Britain. London: Ebury Press, 1999.

Tosco, Uberto. The world of mountain flowers. London (Eng.): Orbis Publishing, 1974.

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