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December 1 - 24 dancing dwarves: 6. 24 Dancing Dwarves in Doriath - by Dean Maia of Este

24 Dancing Dwarves in Doriath

Luthien of Doriath directed the group toward the sound. She and her most courageous maidens – or it could be most nosey – followed it from the chamber where they first heard it. As they rounded a turn, one of the maidens reached and held her arm.

"My Lady …"

"Yes [wind-daughter] we approach the Dwarf-Guest-Hall. We still must look for the source of the rock fall."

"But listen to the volume! How many rocks fall? Do they fill the Hall?' Luthien walked on "We must look. I would know if there is threat to [the cave]."

The nosey small group – or were they courageous? – entered what we would be tempted to call the back door to the Dwarf-Guest-Hall and stopped, stared in amazement.

Luthien accompanied King Thingol and Melian the Maia on formal visits to the Dwarves but those visits were to the front of the Hall. Since she did not wish to be impolite, she had not looked at the rest of the Hall. This time she was in the back of a cave that was home to a Race that loved caves, and it was wonderful. Lights galore turned ordinary rock to glittering jewel. Roasting meat and well-brewed malt turned close-musty air to the smell of greeting. The sound was no rock fall, but Dwarf pounding large rock with smaller and anvil with iron to make the music of the cave and forge.

Then such new music began to entwine with flute and clarinet, fiddle and harp, viol and drum, Twenty-four stepped forth into the light and stood in the center of the hall, unmoving. As if at a signal from the music, they began to dance. Luthien made flowers sprout as she twirled and skipped over the meadows above [the cave] with her dance .She could see how this Dwarven dance could create the jewels that were the flowers of inside the earth. They danced as they worked, in one place, pounding away. Yet, as the skill with which the hammer swung shaped the mass of metal, the skipping rhythm and harmonic time of the Dwarf-boot dance combined with the music of rock and iron began to make the cave walls tremble as if with the breaking forth of light. The sound and the dance seemed, not to rise to a crescendo, but to deepen to the roots of the mountain, the power of the dance began to gather, and again as on a signal, of a sudden, all stopped.

The Elves stood as they absorbed the effect of the dance. Then Luthien sprang forth, curtseyed to the dancers, and bounded away followed by her maidens.

The dancers bowed in return.

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Last Update: 29 Dec 05
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Type: Workshop/Group List
Created By: Yule Mathoms Challenge 2005

Thanks to Juno-Magic and Aranel Took, HASA members were presented with 24 cues to use to create presents of stories, drabbles, and poems for the Yule season in 2005. Many members contributed many wonderful "mathoms" for you to enjoy. Find them all collected here.

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The first set of mathoms.


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Author: HASA Workshop

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