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The Strength of Your Love: 6. Chapter 6

Arwen's POV :

Never will I forget that day even in my long years ahead of me. There you were, standing in front of me with hesitation. You wanted to smile at me but I could see the uncertainty in your eyes. You were questioning my smile, the one filled with love for you. I understand, for thirty years had passed. I was asking myself even, just last night what do I feel for you. But today all my questions were answered. I love you Estel and I want to be with you forever.

We stood still, waiting for the other to make a move. I saw that you were still hesitant and so I took the first step. I walked towards you and I could hear your heart beat quickened. I looked down at the path, trying to hide my smile. You were nervous but Estel, so was I. I know not whether your feelings were still there for me. Many years you have travelled and met many people. Do I still hold your heart?

I walked on until I stood before you. I felt shy all of a sudden, like someone who had just knew what being in love meant. You bring out the best of my emotions, Estel. I waited for you to make your move. Older I am from you, but I am still a female, wanting a strong man taking charge of me. The wind blew my hair out of place. A few stubborn strands brushed across my face, tickling me. My knees trembled. Long have I not experienced such excitement as I have now. Oh, Estel... Take me in your arms...

A jolt of electricity travelled down my spine as you brushed the hair from my face. Your fingers were rough, such a contrast to my own skin. Did you train so hard Estel? Did wielding a sword calloused those once smooth fingers? Forgive me my love for I have pushed you. All I wanted was for you to become the man you are. A great man, one filled with courage and valour and also love.

Your bold fingers caressed the side of my face, lifting my chin and had my eyes met yours. I see the soul inside your eyes. You have seen a lot and felt even more. You have grown my Estel and I am so proud. Estel... I called out to you. My heart yearned for you. It felt so good taking in your scent again. I remembered every little detail of the smell that had kept me going these long years.

You pulled me closer and our bodies touch. I gasped and inhaled unsteadily as the spark ignited inside me. Your body was strong and hard. You have trained well and I find myself pleased. Your hands you placed on my waist and you leaned in. I could not bear the feelings I have anymore and thus my body reacted on its own accord. I parted my lips, wanting to feel yours on mine...

Your lips came upon mine in a gentle manner. Of your entire hardened exterior this remained supple and soft. I am gladdened for I will enjoy more of your kisses. Your kiss deepened, driving away air from my lungs. I held on to you for my life and I could feel my body warming. I had to end it, Estel my love... For if we continued, we would be the talk of town. No... I would not dishonour our love like so. We have waited thirty years, I am sure a few more will do us no harm.

You released me, as if reading my mind. I looked into your eyes once again and found the courage to say to you that I love you. I love you Estel will all my heart and all my being. I want to be with y our forever and always. Cerin Amroth will be my witness. Today on this magical night here, I pledged myself to you. I will love you forever and ever. No one will come between us... Not even death.

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Romance and maybe some drama... :)

Why This Story?

Such a beautiful story about Aragorn and Arwen!


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Author: luthien85

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